Celebrate Flag Day with a Craft and a Treat

Flag Day, the holiday that recognizes when Congress adopted the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States, takes place annually on June 14th. It's also the perfect day to warm up your patriotic crafting and cooking skills, and generate some summertime fun with your kids. Here's a fun way to commemorate Flag Day with your kids and celebrate the red, white and blue (with matching paint, glitter, chocolate and sprinkles):

A Flag Day craft: Sparkly star decorations

This simple craft is easy for kids of any age, and the end result is a versatile America-themed decoration that can be hung from trees, displayed in windows, decorate your front door (or bedroom doors), or be attached virtually anywhere that needs some red, white and blue spirit.

Begin by collecting cardboard pieces, easily taken from disassembling cereal boxes or shoe boxes. Prior to crafting, cut out stars for kids to use as patterns, then let kids trace stars of different sizes on the cardboard. After cutting out the stars, arrange them on newspaper, and paint each of the stars bright red, blue or white (or silver) with acrylic paint (stars may need two coats of paint). When dry, brush glue evenly onto each star, then heavily sprinkle with glitter in coordinating colors. Adults, help kids shake off excess glitter, then funnel it with the newspaper into the trash can or back into the container. If hanging the stars, punch a hole in the top of each one and add a coordinating ribbon.

A Flag Day treat: Red, white and blue dipped strawberries

While you're waiting for your red, white and blue paint and glitter to dry, consider making this delicious patriotic treat your little ones won't be able to keep their sticky fingers off of. In the microwave, melt white chocolate wafers in a bowl, according to package directions. Kids can dip washed, clean strawberries into the melted chocolate, about halfway up each berry. Next, dip the berries into a bowl of blue sprinkles (or blue sugar crystals), about a third of the way up the white chocolate. Place the berries on wax paper or foil to let the chocolate harden. Refrigerate the red, white and blue striped berries when finished (if there's any left!).

With these creative (and tasty) craft and treat ideas, why bottle up your patriotism until the Fourth of July? Flag Day can be another opportunity to sport your red, white and blue shirts, wave those miniature American flags, and celebrate the USA with some good ol' patriotic crafting and cooking.

Content by Becca Swanson.