This Cat Will Definitely Think Twice Before Climbing a Tree Again

One day, a cat felt quite ambitious and decided to climb an unusually tall locust tree. Unfortunately, she couldn't get back down.

cat in tree
cat in tree

For a solid week, the cat was stuck in the tree without food or water. She whined. She meowed. She pouted. Somehow, she couldn't catch a break.

The tree was planted in the yard of Pennsylvania homeowner Daniel Weisleder, who called animal control to see if they could help. As Weisleder didn't know the owner, the organization said they were unable to assist.

Next, the local news got involved, broadcasting a story on Thanksgiving about the poor kitty's predicament. After watching the airing, another resident of the area decided to hire a tree service company to see if it would be able to take care of the job.

Enter Wizzer's Tree Service, and a man named Lee Wyzkoski. Wyzkoski had never rescued a cat before, but made the ascent to the top, where the cat finally found a hero.

Wyzkoski stuffed the animal in his backpack and returned to solid ground.

Three people, one news crew, and a tree company later, the cat was finally taken to a local pet hospital and will hopefully find a real home.

She's still asking herself if that bird was really worth it.

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