Beauty Solutions for Moms on the Go

It seems almost cruel; when you did not need much time to look gorgeous, you had all the time in the world; but now that you are knee-deep in raising little ones, beauty routines are pushed aside. Don't worry; you can look and feel beautiful quickly with the following tips.

Be simply "scentsational":
A big part of looking nice involves feeling good, so employ simple aromatherapy techniques to your daily routines. Use lavender or chamomile essential oils to calm your frazzled nerves, or you can put pep in your step with a dab of sweet orange or peppermint.

Create bright eyes: Even if your late night partying days are over, you should carry eye drops. Soothe and refresh bloodshot eyes with a few drops. If you follow with a swipe of concealer to hide under eye circles, no one needs to know sleep eludes you these days.

Simplify: It goes without saying; you have less time to primp. For this reason, it is important that you pare down your makeup routine. Don't skip, just simplify. At one point in my life I had a vanity table full of fun products and makeup tools, now I have a small make up bag that slides into my purse. Five items can transform in five minutes; cream to powder foundation, cream blush, eye lash curler, mascara, and lip tint.

You are the super mom:
As a mom, you are ready for anything your child can throw at you. Take this super power and turn it on yourself. While you are packing snacks, diapers, wipes, toys, and changes of clothing, toss a small touch-up kit in for yourself which includes a pocket-tissue pack to handle beauty emergencies.

Professional intervention is necessary: The best way to streamline your beauty routine is to have a professional intervene. In addition to a low maintenance haircut, you can have your brows shaped to give your look a boost. Whether you wear your hair short or long, layers are a smart way to add movement and hide pesky grays.

Go on night watch: If your home is anything like mine, you have to hit the ground running in the morning. Since that is not going to change anytime soon, consider switching your morning shower to evening. After I put the kids to bed, finally, I can take my shower, or a soothing bath before bed. Letting my hair dry overnight allows me to skip blow drying leaving me a few more minutes to style with a flat iron, or pull it up.

You can have the Midas touch: Your hands say a lot about you, so be sure they are saying nice things. Manicures may be a thing of the past, but keeping your hands looking nice is not. Short nails are easier to maintain, more practical for moms on the go, and can look just as pretty. Keep moisturizer in your glove compartment, purse, and near every sink, to fend off dry skin and apply clear polish to keep nails looking fresh.

Hydrate like it is your job: Get serious about your water intake. Because the truth is water can do much more for your health, mood, and looks than any amount of caffeinated beverage. Not only should you carry a water bottle with you everywhere, you need to drink up! In the cooler months, I have a hard time drinking cold water, so I pack hot water with a squirt of lemon to make it more appealing.

Content by Sylvie Branch.