Anderson and Claire Danes' Fake Prom Photo

Expectant mom Claire Danes is a guest on "Anderson Live," and the actress acknowledges that she and Anderson went to the same high school in New York City.

Although Claire is younger than Anderson, and only went to the school for a semester, the "Anderson Live" producers photoshopped a hilarious prom photo of Claire and Anderson together. After seeing the photo, the actress laughed, "Oh my lord!"

Claire jokes that her high school years were "amazing," and that she was "fully formed." She says during most of her high school years, she was busy filming HBO series, "My So-Called Life," and moved from New York City to Los Angeles for the show.

The Emmy-nominated actress also talked about her hit TV series, "Homeland," in which she plays an intense CIA operations officer trying to capture a terrorist in Washington D.C.

Danes, who is married to actor Hugh Dancy, is pregnant with their first child and receives a few baby gifts from Anderson.

Be sure to tune-in Thursday, Sept. 20 to see Claire on "Anderson Live." Visit to see what time the show airs in your town.


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