World's Most Expensive Wreath Can Be Yours for $4.6 Million

Sarah B. Weir, Shine Senior Writer

In case you aren't feeling broke like the rest of us during the holiday gift buying season, the luxury goods website is is offering the ultimate Christmas decoration: a jewel-studded wreath worth $4,645,800. Made to order (yes, they are expecting multiple buyers), it's encrusted with more than 40 precious rubies and diamonds totaling a whopping 138.8 carats of bling. One of the stones is a 17.49 carat Vivid Red ruby and another, a 3.03 carat Fancy Yellow diamond. After the garlands wilt and the carcass of the Christmas goose has long been cleared away, you can remove the jewels to reuse next year, or have them made into a custom piece of jewelry, because everybody needs a little pick-me-up treat after all that holiday stress, right?

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The floral and greenery base is made of Hellebores flowers, Hedera berries, and Laurus, lingonberry, and blueberry stems, as well what the website promises are "hand-curled" eucalyptus leaves. For that price, we're imagining that magical elves' fingers and maybe a forest fairy or two did the curling. The flower head of one of the Hellebores is stuffed with 22 loose diamonds-let's hope nobody sneezes. Finnish floral designer Pasi Jokinen-Carter, who is the director of the Scandinavian style florist Unikon Flowers in London, designed the wreath.

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I like to purchase my wreath from the stand outside our local park that benefits the Boy Scouts, because it makes me feel good to donate a little something at Christmastime. And whoever buys this wreath will also be giving a little something (emphasis on little). For each one sold, a donation of $1,600 will go the Prince's Trust, a British Charity for disadvantaged youth-that's .03 % of the cost.

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