The Ultimate Bachelor Pad is Being Built in New York

By Max Berlinger

It goes without saying that Mad Men has fully infiltrated popular culture, moving beyond its classification as mere TV program to something more all-encompassing. Nowhere is its influence felt more strongly than in fashion, where designers have openly based collections on the show's retro style, not to mention the fact that the period costumes have inspired a new generation of men to reclaim the suit. But you know that your show has true cultural cache when luxury penthouse apartments are named after your lead character.

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Take for example the forthcoming Manhattan building designed by the prestigious architect Zaha Hadid. The structure is currently being constructed in New York's Chelsea neighborhood (rubbing elbows with the popular promenade, The Highline) and will be a curving, futuristic spaceship of a building. The name of what is sure to be the breathtaking (and mind-bogglingly expensive) penthouse is "The Don Draper apartment." While this building doesn't seem to make any overt references to the mid-century era of the show, as we have documented faithfully on, comparing anything to Draper is shorthand for labeling it as stylish.

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