Hottest Christmas Tree Decorating Trends

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Christmas Tree Trends
Christmas Tree Trends

When decorating your home for the holidays this year, why not try one of the hot Christmas tree decorating themes gracing designer's homes?

It's easier than you might think!

Allow me to share the hottest holiday decorating trends as well as how to create your very own designer Christmas tree with these simple and inexpensive tips!

Peacock Tree

If you've ducked your head into any local Christmas shops, chances are you have spotted one of the hottest Christmas tree trends, the Peacock Tree. The Peacock Tree is inspired by the drama and color of the beautiful peacock, serving as a great tree for both traditional and more contemporary households. This theme uses the bright colors of the peacock including turquoise, lime green and purple. Remember: this tree is all about drama, so don't spare the color!

  • White lights are the best choice for showing off the colors and grandeur of this fanciful tree. Money saver tip: This tree actually will use fewer lights than most because the focus is on the color of the ornaments.

  • Add color to the tree with inexpensive balls in just two of the three colors. Use as many as your budget allows. Add inexpensive silver balls to fill out the tree.

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  • Add a wire edged ribbon in color number three as garland around the tree.

  • Finish off your Peacock Tree and give it a designer look by adding actual peacock feathers you can find at the craft store. You can tuck long feathers into the top of the tree as a topper, or insert short feathers into clear glass balls.

Retro Tree
Retro Tree

Retro Tree

Most of us love the idea of reliving our childhood a bit at Christmas time, so it's no wonder second on our list is the Retro Tree! Much like the popular retro decorating trend, this tree decorating takes us back to the 1950s when life seemed simpler. Here's how:

  • A white, silver or pink tree is a must. White lights!

  • Colorful ornaments are the key to creating a retro feel. Think red, blue and pink! Solid colors are best.

  • Add a few vintage ornaments for old time's sake. Toy cars, trucks, novelty items and flocked balls are good bets.

  • Add tinsel!

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Natural Tree

It's in our nature (pardon the pun) to want to celebrate the natural wonders of the season this time of year. A Natural Tree theme sets a simpler tone for any holiday celebration, and is easy to accomplish on a budget!

  • Use White lights on your tree to symbolize the stars.

  • Keep colors neutral and natural. Winter white, browns, greens and subtle blues are good choices.

  • Use texture in your tree. Burlap, wood, metals and glass combine well.

  • Use items from nature to create one-of-a-kind ornaments for your natural tree theme. Pine cones, stones, mosses and dried branches are good choices that can be found in a backyard. Fill clear glass balls, or simply hang with ribbon.

  • Add snow!

The hottest Christmas tree trends are inexpensive, fun, and easy to create! Step out of the ordinary and try something new to make your house the hot holiday spot on the block!

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