A Creative Idea for Your Post-Halloween Pumpkin

Eat, Drink, Garden's Valerie Rice makes a creative and chic vase from a pumpkin.

Natural fall decor dresses your home from Halloween straight through Thanksgiving. Now, having a garden I'm bewitched with all types of winter squash: pumpkins, kabocha, acorn, and butternut - such variety and beauty! All are easy to grow, and, after an early summer harvest, you can store them to enjoy throughout the autumn season - both for decor and the dinner table.

One of my favorite tips is use a pumpkin as a vase; it adds great natural charm to your floral arrangements. Start by cutting a hole at the top and hollowing out your pumpkin. Then, use a plastic cup (filled with water) to sit inside and hold your arrangement. Next is the fun part, layering greenery and blooms. Don't be afraid to venture outside the traditional fall color scheme, I love to fill a white pumpkin filled with soft pink flowers, it's feminine and pretty.

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