Brighten Up Your Blooms with a Cute Vase Made From... Plastic Spoons!

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How to Make a Spoon Vase
How to Make a Spoon Vase

Turn a plain-Jane container into something worthy of your favorite fresh blooms.

Materials You Have:
• Large can (We used a 28-oz. can.)
• Scissors
• Paper plate
• Measuring spoons
• Paintbrush
• Hot-glue gun

Materials You Need:
• White spray primer
• Plastic spoons
• Blue acrylic paint
• White acrylic paint

1: Coat exterior of can with spray primer.
2: Cut handles off spoons; discard all but one handle. Estimate how many rows of spoons you'll need, as well as how many spoons per row. On a paper plate, pour out 1 tablespoon of blue paint per row. Leave first blob as is; add ½ teaspoon of white to second blob, 1 teaspoon of white to third blob and so on. Use the handle you saved to blend. Paint one row of spoons-backs only-in each color. Let dry.
3: Add glue to the outer rim of each spoon, and place a row of lightest-color spoons around top edge of can so top edge of spoon extends above lip of can. Begin a second row, placing spoons between those on previous row and overlapping by a third. Continue adding rows in that way until can is covered.

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