The Best Places to Store Every Little Thing

Getting organized is as easy as following these ABC's (and D's)
Getting organized is as easy as following these ABC's (and D's)

By Woman's Day Staff

What to Put Where

The key to a tidy home isn't putting stuff away-it's storing your belongings in the right places. Whether you use an item every day or once a month, clutter can be cut down just by knowing what you're most likely to use when. Keep reading to discover the time- and money-saving benefits pf dividing your stuff into categories A, B, C and D. Photo by Getty Images

A Items
You use these at least once a day, like your toothbrush. "So you want to have them in 'A spaces'-out on the counter, right there by the sink," Lorie Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet, explains. An everyday watch, say, would go in a dish atop the dresser; your underwear should be in a top dresser drawer.

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B Items
They're still used a lot, but more like weekly (a mixing bowl, your workout clothes). "They should be inside cabinets, rather than on the counter, and higher up or lower down in shelves and drawers than A items."

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C Items
Used seasonally or rarely, these are your holiday decorations, winter coats or beach gear. "Put these in a C spot-the attic or on a really high shelf-until needed."

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D Items

This is stuff you don't use but are keeping for a legitimate reason (tax records, spare furniture for a child who's leaving home soon). Store them as out of the way as possible, such as in the basement.

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