9 Ways to Repurpose Vintage and Antique Furniture

From a vintage chest turned into a kitchen island to upside-down planters used as tables, we've got unique ideas to repurpose your old furniture.

1. Suitcases as a Nightstand
Don't throw out your old or vintage suitcases after you get a new set. They can have another life as a nightstand or side table. Stack the suitcases and place a tray on the top. If they're not tall enough, use blocks to prop them up.

2. Antique Sideboard as a Vanity
Give your bathroom more character with a vanity that's made from an antique sideboard or buffet.

3. Door as a Headboard
Don't know what to do with an old door after a renovation? Turn it into a headboard - it adds interest to a bedroom without taking up too much space.

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4. Antique Bookcase as a Bar
Clear out your old bookcase and use it as a home bar. It's a great way to display interesting collections of glass or barware.

5. Antique Secretary as a Linen Press
Take advantage of shelving and cabinet space of an old secretary desk by using it to store your linens, towels, and blankets.

6. Side Tables as Stools
If you have an drum-shaped side table, turn it over and and add cushions to create some interesting seating.

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7. Outdoor Planters as Tables
Bring the outdoors in. Turn outdoor planters upside down and use them as tables.

8. Antique Chest as an Island
If you need more counter space in your kitchen, you can use an old chest as a kitchen island. Add a marble countertop or cabinets to make the piece more functional.

9. Easel as a TV Stand
A sturdy easel can make for a unique TV stand. Plus, you can easily move it around a room. Just avoid the ones with thin legs since they won't support heavy objects.

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