Westminster 2012 Best In Show!

Sarah D. Bunting

And the winner is...the Pekingese! Congrats to Gr. Ch. Palacegarden Malachy and his team; Malachy is the first Peke to take Best In Show at Westminster since 1990.

(And congrats to Johnny Avello with another correct call on the winner. We were betting the Setter; shows what we know.)

Your finalists:
Hound Group: Wire-Haired Dachshund (750-1)
Toy Group: Pekingese (6-1)
Non-Sporting Group: Dalmatian (100-1)
Herding Group: German Shepherd (22-1)
Sporting Group: Irish Setter (350-1)
Working Group: Doberman Pinscher (35-1)>Terrier Group: Kerry Blue Terrier (45-1)

More fascinating facts from the final broadcast, in case you missed it:

The Golden Retriever proceeds from a single foundation litter of four puppies, born when a Tweed Spaniel and a Flat-Coated Retriever were bred together.

You probably already know that the Labrador Retriever is the most popular/registered AKC breed in the U.S. But it's been the most registered for 20 years.

This year's Great Pyrenees works for a living; he herds free-range chickens. (So...they're not really free, then. Or...ranging. But: good for him.)

David Frei on the Newfoundland's legendary swimming and diving abilities: "An officer on the Titanic had a Newfoundland -- and that dog survived."

The Tibetan Mastiff is owned by a married couple -- whose wedding took place in the benching area at Madison Square Garden on Valentine's Day. (The dog, Major, gave away the bride.)

According to the breed standard, a Skye Terrier is at least twice as long as he is high.

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