Uggie Named Top Dog at Golden Collar Awards



Uggie might want to rethink his retirement. The Jack Russell terrier may not have scored an Oscar nomination for his star turn in "The Artist," but he was crowned top dog at the first annual Golden Collar Awards Monday night.

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Uggie's win as Top Dog in a Movie was far from an upset; he's arguably responsible for the creation of the Golden Collar Awards, which the Dog News Daily digital media and marketing company launched after he began receiving massive media coverage late last year. Side note: one of the five dogs Uggie battled for the title was himself, having also received a nod for his role as Queenie in "Water for Elephants."

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Other winners included the French bulldog Brigitte, aka Stella on Modern Family, who won for Best Dog in a Scripted Series. On the reality end of the spectrum, it was a tail-to-tail race between Hercules of "Pit Boss" and Giggy of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," which ended in a tie.

Despite the award show's light tone, there was a serious and charitable component to the proceedings: raising money for rescue shelters and honoring (absent) animal activists like Charlize Theron and Michael Vance.

Winner's list:

Best Dog in a Theatrical Film: Uggie as the Dog in "The Artist"

Best Dog in a Foreign Film: Koko as Red Dog in "Red Dog"

Best Dog in a Television Series: Brigitte as Stella in "Modern Family"

Best Dog in a Reality Television Series: (tie) Hercules in "Pit Boss" and Giggy in "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills"

Trainer Omar Von Muller with Uggie
Trainer Omar Von Muller with Uggie