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  • 11 Body-Positive Mantras We Want to Write on Our Mirrors, From Our Plus-Size Heroes

    “Things that jiggle are OK!” — Ashley Graham Bodies may look toned and smooth in ads, but human bodies move, and that’s got to be OK, Graham said atForbes’ 30 Under 30 Summit this year. “There is no right or wrong size if you’re healthy and fit.” — Marquita Pring At the end of the day, developing healthy habits is more importance than being a specific weight, and one isn’t indicative of the other, as Pring told Fashionista in 2011. “I’m proud of my stretch marks.” — Denise Bidot In an interview with PopSugar in August, Bidot reminded us that embracing your body for what it is rather than fighting it can be the positive change in attitude we need to see ourselves differently. “Yeah, I’m fat — but I’m also all the good things that I am.” — Tess Holliday (Source: Mic/Facebook) As Holliday told Parade in 2014, our physical forms aren’t the only thing we’ve got going for us — and we shouldn’t lose sight of the countless other things that make us, us.