fathers day

  • Ivanka Trump sends Father's Day message to Donald Trump and Jared Kushner

    Ivanka Trump took to her Instagram account Sunday morning to share a heartfelt message to her dad, President Donald Trump, and her husband, Senior White House Advisor, Jared Kushner.

  • 'Worth every penny': Men are seriously obsessed with these comfortable socks

    Who knew a pair of socks could be such a big deal? Here's why men swear by Dickies socks.

  • Daycare allegedly refuses to allow boy's godfather to attend Father's Day event

    A Texas mother says that her son’s godfather was barred from attending their new daycare’s Father’s Day event, despite him stepping up to serve as a father figure.

  • Meghan McCain gets fans to honor their late dads ahead of Father’s Day with #DeadDadsClub’

    The View co-host started the hashtag “Dead Dads Club” to encourage her fans to share memories of their late fathers.

  • There’s still time! Shop Levi’s Father’s Day sale and score up to 40 percent off

    Levi's men's apparel, shoes and more are heavily discounted right now—but hurry!

  • 'The greatest flip-flops I've ever owned': Why hundreds of men are buying these comfy sandals

    Your search for the most comfortable flip-flops is over.

  • 7 Father's Day gifts your dad will love that are on sale at Amazon

    This Father's Day we're grateful for our dads... and for Amazon's sales.

  • 12 hilarious Father's Day gifts for the wild and crazy dad in your life, starting at just $7

    Shop tees, mugs and more silly Father's Day gifts that are just as funny as their dad jokes.

  • NFL quarterback Russell Wilson launches fashion brand on Amazon: 'Dress for the job you want, not the job you got’

    Russell Wilson launches fashion label, Good Man Brand on Amazon, just in time for Father's Day.

  • Sam’s Club Sells A $13,000 Golf Simulator You Can Fit In Your Garage

    This is the ULTIMATE father's day gift.

  • Kendall Jenner Tells Caitlyn 'Happy Father's Day to the Soul That Raised Me'

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner Wish Caitlyn Happy Father's Day

  • J.Lo and A-Rod show they've got co-parenting down pat on Father's Day

    The power couple are making their blended family work.

  • Ivanka Trump wishes the president and Jared Kushner a happy Father's Day

    People in the comments called the first daughter a "disgrace."

  • Celebrate Father's Day with these hunky celebrity dads

    Father’s Day is upon us and it’s all about recognizing the dads and father-like figures in our lives. To get into the spirit of the holiday, look no further than adorable celebrity dads. Thanks to social media, we get to see the sweet moments between these parents and kids. The Rock shared this photo after his girlfriend Lauren Hashian gave birth to his newest baby girl, Tiana Gia in April. In the caption, he said watching the birth was “the single most powerful and primal moment life will ever offer.” If that doesn’t pull at your Father’s Day heart strings, I’m not sure what will. Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama @laurenhashianofficial labored and delivered like a true rockstar.

  • How the Rock and other celebrity dads are embracing fatherhood and breaking down gender stereotypes

    Celebrity dads are inspiring men to break traditional gender roles with their powerful Instagram pics.

  • Stores are selling 'baby daddy' cards and shoppers want them to know it isn't a term of endearment

    While it is, presumingly, a joke, the greeting card just comes off as tasteless.

  • Awesome gifts for your trans dad this Father's Day

    The season of awkward gifts approacheth. Whether it's Father's Day, Mother's Day, or some kind of International Marketing Research Firm™️ branded holiday, nothing is more irritating than being forced to buy a gift for someone who insists they don't want a gift. Of course they want a gift. We all want shit we don't need. They, and especially our dads, just don't know how to ask for what they want. SEE ALSO: Dad jokes, ranked Most Father's Day gift guides are geared to please the Midwestern Cis Heterosexual Bear Dad: a man who likes meat, Android phones, sitting outside the changing room while his wife shops, overpriced gadgets from Brookstone, fishing, and "telling it like it is." But how many dads exist like that in nature? Maybe like five, tops. There's so many different types of fathers out there, so let's spice up our gift ideas a bit. To start, here are some potential gifts for the awesome trans dad in your life. 1. Brunch at a place that serves more than Egg's Benedict. STOP. AVOCADO TOAST SHAMINGImage: astrid stawiarz/Getty Images for CBD For LifeHollandaise sauce is a gift, but there's so much more to breakfast cuisine. Consider a place that transcends hotel omelette bar cuisine and doesn't make you choose between fries and salad. 2. A high-end pooper scooper for the doggo (Auggiedog, $129.99) Image: AuggiedogIt is an insult to the human hand that it's forced to pick up dog feces with an old plastic bag. Step up your dad's dog poop game and consider buying this high tech pooper scooper that minimizes fecal contact. 3. Flowers (Urbanstems, $48) Give into the cliche.Image: urbanstemsWhy do moms get to dominate the flower market? Everyone who's sentient loves flowers. Go tulips or go home. 4. Luxury insoles (Everyday insoles, $47.96) Like a diaper for your feetImage: superfeetSo many shoes for parents are made without proper arch support. I don't even have children, and I sat on my butt all day — and I still require orthotics. Embrace your father's inner elder and consider something like this. 5. Non-humiliating sunglasses (Warby Parker, price varies) Cool enuf.Image: warbyparker.comA lot of ophthalmologists right now are trying to push transition lenses. Do not let this happen to your father or anyone you care about. You cannot go wrong with a cool pair of sunglasses. 6. Bourgie moisturizer (Amazon, $29) Image: AmazonRegardless of your gender identity, everyone's skin gets dry. And everyone could benefit from purchasing a moisturizer that they publicly cast as "expensive bullshit," but privately want so, so badly. 7. Jane Fonda's workout videos from the '80s (Amazon, $47.00 for the full collection) Let's not lie: working out is a necessary evil. Indulge your parent by giving them the workout routine of their childhood/the only form of exercise that approximates "fun." 8. A really good book that they can finish in an hour ( <em>The Fran Lebowitz</em> <em> Reader,</em> $13.95, Amazon) Screw boring, Barnes and Noble discounted presidential history, unless it's the Hamilton book. Get their Goodreads score up by giving them an awesome book they can finish in an hour. 9. An actually nice card (read: probably not homemade) that reminds them you love them We all need to be reminded of this, constantly. Do unto others as you would unto your dog. 10. Whatever you would get your father even if they were a cis guy. I mean, duh. Image: giphyBut really you don't even need a list like this. It's just a reminder that fathers are people, not Ron Swanson carbon copies.  Individualize your gift to the human they are. WATCH: Rain, rain, go away — unless you have this 'Hairbrella' hat

  • Father's Day 2018: 9 fragrances dad will love

    We can't think of a better way to show dad your appreciation this Father's Day

  • Obamas Post Heartfelt Father’s Day Messages, Twitter’s Heart Breaks a Little

    Given how close-knit the Obama family seems to be, it was no surprise that both Michelle and Barack Obama would take to social media to share a Father’s Day message. What may have come as a bit of a surprise is how their Twitter fans reacted. Michelle Obama started the process with a loving message on behalf of herself and their daughters Sasha and Malia.

  • This Father’s Day, Jay Z Wants To Get Fathers Out Of Jail

    Jay Z has a lot on his plate this weekend. Not only is he celebrating Father's Day with his daughter Blue Ivy, but he's reportedly welcomed two new babies into the world, too. In an op-ed for Time, Jay describes "the injustice of the profitable bail bond industry" and says that every day, over 400,000 people who have not been convicted of a crime are incarcerated simply because they can't afford bail.