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  • Meet the Future of Fashion: 50 Stunning Student Designs

    Anyone who thinks there’s nothing new happening in fashion doesn’t know where to look. See 50 of our favorite student designs that walked the runway this month.

  • Reem Acra & Valerie Steele Take on Gender Bias in Fashion

    Photo: “85% of FIT’s students are female,” began celebrated fashion historian and curator Valerie Steele at Tuesday night’s panel discussion during CUNY’s Global Fashion Capital Conference. “Yet if you go by famous names—the Armanis, the Marc Jacobs—more than half of them are men.” The panel, which also included successful female designer Reem Acra, centered on women’s roles in the industry, as well as how the media and an increasingly global economy are helping to shape new fashion capitals. “I think there’s this leftover idea that the next genius is going to be male.” Steele traces this idea all the way back to Charles Worth, an English designer who built one of the most successful houses during the late 19th and early 20th century and who is often credited with revolutionizing the business of fashion. “Before Worth, fashion was really this small artisanship—it was the dressmaker sitting humbly at the hem of a woman’s skirt,” said Steele, who noted that dressmakers and seamstresses tended to be female.

  • Outrageous Looks, RuPaul & Lactating Performers: Inside The World Of NY Nightlife Queen Susanne Bartsch

    Susanne Bartsch has been New York’s regnant Queen of the Night since moving here in the early 1980s. Fashion Underground: The World of Susanne Bartsch, a new exhibition at the Museum at FIT in New York curated by Bartsch and FIT’s Valerie Steele, sheds light on her enduring influence. Yahoo Style caught up with the scene queen before the exhibition’s opening night. One is devoted to the early days, when I came to New York in the early ′80s, and the second is about what I wear—my “transformations”—to the nightclubs and events that I create.