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  • Greedy Newlyweds Email Guest to Say Wedding Gift Was Cheap

    In response to those who suggested she should cancel the check, the guest explained that the cheque had in fact already been cashed, and that the newlyweds had returned from their honeymoon, paid for by the bride’s parents-in-law, a few weeks ago.

  • Give Every Adult a Plus-One at Your Wedding

    “Please say ‘Jessica Gross and guest,’ please say ‘Jessica Gross and guest,’” I pray, reaching toward the envelope with my shaky claw.

  • When the Wedding’s Called Off, Who Gets the Engagement Ring?

    An engagement ring is often seen as the ultimate symbol of promise between a couple: The promise that they’ll get married, and hopefully, will live happily ever after, etc. But what happens when one half of a twosome breaks that promise — and insists on keeping the bling? Langer proposed to Chesler with a custom-made, $30,000 ring just three months after meeting her in a bar. After an unspecified amount of time, Chesler broke off the engagement and vanished with the promissory jewel.

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    Credit: Cole Saladino/Thrillist

  • Salon Etiquette 101

    Whether you’ve wondered about whether you can talk on your cell phone during an appointment or how much to tip, we’re here to tell you exactly what makes the perfect client. Sal explains that some people just want to zone out and relax at their appointments.

  • Unspoken Gym Rules According to Pro Athletes

    Everybody’s been a newbie at the gym at some point, so if you made it past that awkward stage and wished you could give the new batch of newbies some friendly instruction, we’re with you. We’re breaking the silence on gym etiquette once and for all. We spoke to seven pros that spend all day in the gym — here’s what they deem the biggest no-nos.

  • The New, Non-Awkward Way to Ask for Cash Wedding Gifts

    A slew of new sites let couples register for cash wedding gifts without the awkwardness. It’s a classic dilemma: Often, what a bride or groom really wants for a wedding gift is cash — but asking well-wishers to send money can feel a little, well, crass. Luckily, modern technology is taking the awkwardness out of the equation, and letting couples register for cash wedding gifts without looking greedy. In the same time period, almost a dozen companies have started offering cash fund services in addition to traditional wedding registry products, or as an exclusive cash registry tool.

  • How to Drink Tea, Exit a Car, and Curtsey Like Kate Middleton

    Did you know that Kate Middleton, before she became Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, took etiquette classes on how to behave and act like royalty? On the eve to her first official visit to New York City and Washington D.C., Yahoo Style spoke with Myka Meier, Etiquette Expert and Founder of Beaumont Etiquette, who teaches The Duchess Effect in New York City, a class very similar to the one Kate would have taken in the UK, for the most important lessons every lady should know. MM:  Posture is everything and the Duchess has superbly mastered the art of the pose.

  • How to P*ss Off a New Yorker in 12 Easy Steps

    We, the citizens of New York, love tourists (no, really, we do!) — you bring economic stimulus into our city and give us oodles of giggles. And we know you want to fit in. We know you don’t want to annoy the heck out of us unintentionally or make our eyes roll back in rage… or do you? Sometimes I think people come to visit our fine city just to freak us out, and why not? It adds to the experience! I started this list earlier this year (with nose picking video!) and have been updating it along the way.

  • A French Guy’s Practical Tips for a Quick Trip to Paris

    For years, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances have come to Olivier Knox — a Frenchman turned Chief Washington Correspondent for Yahoo News — for advice about Paris. Yahoo Travel may have already briefed you on how to not look like an idiot in Paris, but some lessons are worth learning twice. Don’t go to Paris in August.

  • Travel Etiquette: How to Behave at a Hotel

    Many resorts throw the couple a wedding in exchange for the bookings from the wedding guests. My cousin invited me to a destination wedding at a resort I can’t afford. Many destination weddings are paid for by the guests.