• Blake Lively, Selena Gomez and Emily Ratajkowski wear the earrings of the season

    In just a few short weeks, stylish celebs from Selena Gomez to Gabrielle Union, Blake Lively, Tracee Ellis Ross and more have been spotted wearing the Loucite by Alison Lou playful jelly hoop earrings.

  • Balenciaga is now selling $235 alphabet magnet earrings

    Balenciaga has taken a past favorite (ranging from roughly $7 to $13 on Amazon) and given it the fashion treatment — as well as an unbelievable price point.

  • 9 Earring Trends That'll Convince You To Give Up Studs

    While the spring 2018 runways saw abstract shapes using bent metals and over-the-top drop earrings (which still top this list), indie jewelry brands have been the real champions for the must-have trends emerging via street style and Instagram.

  • Sculptural Geometric Earrings That'll Never Go out of Style

    These sculptural earrings will never go out of style.

  • Are Matching Earrings Uncool? Three Jewelry Designers Weigh In

    Here's how to try the mismatched earrings trend that celebs like Ivanka Trump and Mandy Moore have been wearing lately.

  • If You’re Wearing Matching Earrings, You’re Old-Fashioned, According to Kate Moss

    Kate Moss has said: "Nobody wears pairs of earrings anymore; it’s old-fashioned.” Quick, get your cube-mate to switch an earring with you.

  • Emeralds Reign Over the Month of May

    The emerald is not only an exquisite gem, it’s also the official birthstone for May. Why not celebrate the month when flowers start to bloom again with this season’s most beautiful emerald jewels in the freshest cuts and styles? Emeralds, known for their lush green color, are thought to symbolize fortune and youth. Interestingly, the first documented emerald mines date to at least 330 B.C. In fact, emeralds were highly valued in Egyptian culture, notably by Cleopatra herself, who sought the precious gem during her reign.

  • The Best Indie Jewelry Brands You Need on Your Radar

    To help bolster small, independent jewelry designers, Yahoo Style rounded up four need-to-know designers from the U.S., Israel, and Singapore. Unlike fashion designers, jewelry designers often don’t have the same opportunities to showcase their new seasonal collections during Fashion Week, where they are presented with a global audience consisting of esteemed buyers, editors, and stylists. Think along the lines of elegant, minimalist jewelry styles that would complement any collection by modernist fashion pioneers Céline, The Row, and Lemaire. Knobbly Studio’s Deconstructed Nude earring, left, and Nude No. 21 earring.

  • Shop the Hoop Earrings All the Celebrities Are Wearing

    The earrings, called the Samira Hoops, are by jewelry-maven-designer/budding-chef Jennifer Fisher and are offered in three sizes and two tones.

  • Ivanka Trump Wore $740 Mismatched Statement Earrings to a Gala in Germany

    While Ivanka Trump has been the recipient of hisses during her Germany trip — her first official overseas trip as an adviser to the president — it certainly isn’t in response to her wardrobe choices. The earrings were mismatched, which is an interesting and very fashion-forward choice for the first daughter during a formal event. Like every decision Trump makes, this was well thought out.

  • 20 Elegant All-Occasion Jewelry Buys — for Under $50

    Jewelry shopping can be both daunting and very pricey. So for those of you who want to jazz up your jewelry box this spring with some fresh new baubles, we’re here to show you how to do it without breaking the bank.

  • You'll Want To Buy Jennifer Lopez's $25 Earrings, ASAP

    One day, Jennifer Lopez can wear a $2,835 Balmain crop top to step out with her new beau. The next, she'll roll up wearing $25 earrings she picked up at Kohl's.

  • At What Age Should Kids Be Allowed to Get Pierced Ears?

    Madonna recently took her son Rocco Richie to get his ear pierced for his 16th birthday. What’s an appropriate age to allow a girl or boy to get pierced ears?

  • How to Wear the Bold Earring Trend That Took Over The Runways

    Extra-large and in charge was the standout earring trend at the Spring/Summer 2016 runway shows. We saw biker-chain earrings at Alexander Wang, origami-like orbs at Prada, and gold-leaf single earrings at Loewe. The styles may differ, but the common theme is the bigger the better, and more is more. Ahead, we rounded up the coolest inspired-by-the-runway earrings out there.

  • Accessorize Like an A-lister for Only $30!

    There’s nothing more exciting than getting something you really, really want for a killer price. In this week’s episode of the FABLife, we are presenting awesome guilt-free buys that cost $50 or less! Watch the video above to get the scoop on Lauren’s graphic reusable wallpaper, Chrissy’s new favorite snack, and accessories inspired by the red carpet presented by yours truly. (Who would have thought that dressing like Kate Winslet would only cost $30?) Enjoy! 

  • Actual Investment Pieces: 13 Pieces of Classic Gold Jewelry to Buy Right Now

    Classic gold jewelry never goes out of style. Here are 13 of the dreamiest pieces currently on the market that you can buy today and will become family heirlooms as the years wear on. Even if you’re not in the market to shop (hey, we’re still recovering from Christmas too), these are beautiful baubles are definitely worth admiring! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day

  • The Jewelry Brand That’s About to Be Everywhere

    Kendra Scott. Photo: David Heisler/Courtesy of Linda Gaunt Communications By Lindsay Peoples You might not know the name Kendra Scott, but come 2017, you will. The jewelry designer started her business 13 years ago with $500 in her spare bedroom; today, she has 39 stores around the country, and New York City is next on her list of territory to conquer.  Photo: Courtesy of Linda Gaunt Communications Scott’s Danielle (left) and Elle (right) earrings have been worn by celebrities like Sofia Vergara and Mindy Kaling on the red carpet, but they’re priced under $100.

  • Sapphire Jewelry for September Babies

    If you’re a September baby then true blue gems serve as your birthstone. Sapphires are believed to protect from harm, so why not wear more than one and feel uber protected? Here are 11 brilliant pieces of sapphire jewelry pieces to so you can feel safe while looking chic. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for nonstop inspiration delivered fresh to your feed, every day

  • Kylie Jenner Breaks Nipple News on Snapchat

    Snapchats might be fleeting, but screenshots are forever. So when Kylizzlemynizzl—that’s Kylie Jenner’s handle for those of you who haven’t added her yet on the blink and you’ll miss it social media site—shared her latest accessories after a day at the piercing parlor, nothing stopped me from saving images of her multiple new body accouterments. Told sequentially, here’s the story of how the youngest Jenner got what seems like too-many-to-count piercings.   

  • Nicole Richie's Top Holiday Picks

    Fashion designer and TV personality Nicole Richie tells us about her past and present holiday traditions, what the season means to her and her family, and why she feels particularly lucky.