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  • The 10 Dry Shampoos That Beauty Girls Obsess Over

    No one washes their hair every day anymore, right? But, like, which dry shampoo will get you that perfect model bedhead and which one will make you look as if you rolled around in a pile of flour before you left for work? Here, the best products that beauty fiends fangirl over.From Marie Claire

  • Shay Mitchell’s Super-Cheap Dry Shampoo Hack

    Unlike her “Pretty Little Liars” character, Emily, Shay Mitchell goes full glam. But some of her best style secrets come super cheap.

  • The Dry Shampoos You Can Really, Truly Count On

    Goodbye, grease. From Marie Claire

  • 3 Reasons Southern Women Don't Use Dry Shampoo

    In the last few years, dry shampoo has made a major comeback. First commercialized in the 1940’s and widely popularized by the 1970’s, it has been the quickest way to get fresh hair for years. Instead of spending the hours it can take to wash and style your hair every morning, you can spritz in product that refreshes <em>and</em> adds volume to hair. It gets the job done faster than you can pour your morning coffee. It sounds like a dream come true. For many, it's exactly that. However, Southern women aren't quite as enthusiastic about this trend–and here’s why: <strong>We’re battling the heat</strong> It’s no secret that Southern climates can be warm, hot, and often times even downright blazing. While that heat makes for a great excuse to wear sundresses and sip lemonade on the front porch, it doesn’t do much for keeping our hairstyles fresh. Not only does sitting in the Southern sun cause ‘do-destroying sweat to leak out of our scalps, heat can actually trigger the production of excess sebum. Sebum is the skin’s natural oil, and while just the right amount is good for keeping our skin and hair hydrated, too much can make us look greasy. Dry shampoo can certainly help with keeping the oil at bay, but because our oil production is often on overdrive, this product just can’t keep up like a fresh wash. <strong>Humidity doesn’t help either</strong> Moisture, including humidity, can take your blowout from smooth to frizzy in a matter of minutes and it’s something that can be best remedied by a fresh shampoo, condition, and style. Considering that 6 of the top 10 most humid cities in the United States belong to the South, it’s no surprise that we’re constantly fighting to keep our hair under control. And if washing our hair on a daily basis is a must because of environmental moisture, dry shampoo just isn’t necessary. <strong>Nothing delivers polish like a fresh wash</strong> While today more than ever, personal style across the South is diverse, most of us still prefer as slightly more polished look the rest of the general population. Many of the hair trends—such as the messy, piecey, i-just-rolled-out-of-bed looks— that are taking over Hollywood today lend themselves very well to second-day hair. Southerners, however, value style above trends, and aren’t willing to jump on the disheveled hair bandwagon. We’re still wanting that clean fresh refined look, and dry shampoo can’t always deliver.  

  • This "Magic Eraser" Hair Foam Is the New Dry Shampoo

    Because has Jen Atkin ever steered us wrong?

  • 5 Dry Shampoos for When You Just Can’t Deal With Washing Your Hair

    One of the greatest hair-care innovations to make it into the hands of the lazy is dry shampoo. When used correctly, this miracle product can do a multitude of things, including refresh dirty, smelly hair, cover up dark roots, and give limp locks a boost of volume.While dry shampoo has been around for decades (supermodel Twiggy fronted a Mini-Mist ad back in the late '60s/early '70s), Batiste, Living Proof, Klorane, Drybar, and R+Co dominate today’s competition of Polyvore’s most searched brands. Here, five popular dry shampoos for better and bigger hair days.Read More: How Often Do Celebrities Really Wash Their Hair? How I Get My Fine Hair to the Third Day Why This $1 Product Has Officially Replaced My ShampooLet's keep in touch! Follow Yahoo Beauty on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • You’ve Never Seen A Dry Shampoo Like This Before

    You know the drill: Spray dry shampoo onto your dirty roots and massage away the oil. If you really know what you’re doing, you might run a brush through your hair and hit it with a blow-dryer, too. Sounds like a great way to ditch the shampoo on those lazy days, right? Sure it helps, […]

  • The 9 Best Dry Shampoos Under $25

    By Lindsay Colameo, Deena Campbell. Photos: Courtesy of Brands. You're not imagining it: There are a zillion dry shampoos on the market at this very moment. And while many still use rice and oat starch to absorb oil, letting you go a day (or two) longer without washing your hair, dry shampoos have evolved. The newest formulas also contain styling ingredients that add volume, thickness, and texture. Here, nine of the best dry shampoos, at drugstore prices. This story originally appeared on Allure. More from Allure: 10 Celebrity Hairstyles That Make You Look 10 Years Younger Find the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape The 9 Prettiest Date-Night Makeup Looks 7 Weird Tricks Stars Use for Looking Great in Photos The 6 Prettiest Haircuts for Long Hair The 10 Best Mascaras Under $20

  • ‘Just Wash Your Hair, People,’ Says Woman Who Thinks Dry Shampoo Caused Her Bald Spot

    Can using dry shampoo damage your scalp and cause hair loss? It may have happened to this young woman.

  • Meet the Dry Shampoo That Won't Make You Look Like George Washington

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  • How Often Do Celebrities Really Wash Their Hair?

    How often should you wash your hair? Once a day? After a workout? Once a week? Every two weeks? When your co-workers start moving away from you? Today, Kim Kardashian West noted on her website that she only shampoos twice a week to avoid excess hair damage. While it sounds unappetizing, she’s not alone. Many people believe that washing your hair every day can cause more harm than good. It turns out that the frequency of your shower routine depends on the texture, moisture, and length of your hair, there isn’t a set rule.&nbsp;“Everybody’s sebaceous glands vary,” Manhattan-based colorist Lucille Javier of Sally Hershberger Downtown tells Yahoo Beauty.&nbsp;“In the winter, they’re more dry. In the summer, your sebaceous glands are more active because you’re sweating more.” It also depends on how often you chemically treat your hair; Javier notes that those with 100 percent natural hair shouldn’t worry about washing too often. But Kardashian West, who has dyed her hair platinum blonde before and frequently styles it for public appearance, may be wary of frequent washing. Some products that she recommended on her website to use in conjunction with low-frequency shampooing include Rodin by Recine Luxury Hair Oil ($70), Frédéric Fekkai Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crème ($20),&nbsp;Olaplex No 3 Hair Perfector, Carol’s Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Mask ($32), and Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream ($49).We’ve compiled a definitive list as to what celebrities have said about their hair wash frequencies throughout the years. Frankly, they still look like they get blowouts every day, no matter what they all say.Related:Jennifer Aniston’s Low-Maintenance Hair RoutineAn Education On Good Hair DaysHow to Dry Your Hair in the Winter

  • The Top 10 Dry Shampoos to Fix Any Bad Hair Day

    These 10 dry shampoos will save your hair. Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8) This lightweight formula adds volume and revives greasy hair without weighing down your locks.  Klorane Dry Shampoo ($20) Klorane Dry Shampoo is a Parisian pharmacy staple. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($42) While technically not a dry shampoo, this texturizing spray has a cult-like following for perking up and adding volume to second-day hair.  R Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($17) If you’re looking to get rid of excess oil and add texture to your hair, this is the dry shampoo for you.

  • Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Scalp

    To say that dry shampoo is the best thing to enter my life may sound like I’m being hyperbolic, but I’m really not. This heaven-sent elixir has saved me many times: When I’d rather spend an extra half-hour sleeping, not primping; after a sweaty workout and I have to be at work ASAP; when my hair is looking lackluster and needs a boost of texture and volume. But underneath its magical exterior lies a dark side. A really dark, really icky side that involves scalp acne, dandruff and irritation.