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  • Gabrielle Union’s great marriage, TV show, and fashion line doesn’t mean she has it all: ‘Who cares?’

    An award-winning actress (BET’s “Being Mary Jane”), first-time author, wife (to NBA superstar Dwyane Wade), stepmom (to — in her words — her “dope kids”), outspoken advocate, and glamorous style icon, Gabrielle Union is adding another title to her already impressive résumé: clothing designer.

  • How to Make a Breakfast Frittata with Leftover Pasta

    While leftover pasta can still be delicious on day 2, sometimes you just want something different. The dish came about after binge watching the first season of Aziz Anzari’s new Netflix show “Master of None.” When the series was finished I was craving one thing more than ever — pasta. Not just any kind of pasta but one particular noodle on my mind was bucatini.

  • How to Turn Day Old Cake into a Boozy Chocolate Trifle

    Check back soon for more ideas! A trifle made of leftover chocolate cake, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, and booze. Kahlua often gets a bad rap but its flavor pairs really well with chocolate.

  • Kettle Corn-Style Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Make the Perfect Party Treat

    Check back soon for more ideas! Kettle corn-style roasted pumpkin seeds that’s both sweet and salty. This week for Halloween, I took the seeds from my jack o lantern and roasted them into a delicious sweet and salty treat — kettle corn-style pumpkin seeds! These seeds perfectly light and crunchy and made for an addicting snack. For many of us, Halloween is an excuse to watch scary movies, carve pumpkins, make spooky treats, and for me, it’s all of the above! This year I went to my sister’s house for a pumpkin carving session. Growing up and carving pumpkins as a kid I would always beg my mom to roast the seeds while we were busy hacking away at our pumpkins and making a mess in the kitchen.

  • Turn Leftover Chicken Into Spicy Tostadas With This Secret Ingredient

    Check back soon for more ideas! Leftover rotisserie chicken, on the left, is turned into a spicy Mexican tostada, on the right. This week I turn the remains of my rotisserie chicken into a spicy Mexican tostada. Maybe it’s the smell of roasted chickens or the hot lamps that warm them, but any time I come out of the the chilly dairy aisle and walk by piles of juicy roast chicken, one always magically appears in my cart. Many brands make this can of peppers so you can easily find them in the international aisle of your grocery store.

  • How to Turn Leftover Mashed Potatoes Into Bacon-Laced Pancakes

    Check back soon for more ideas! Leftover mashed potatoes transformed into cheesy bacon pancakes. This week I turn a side of mashed potatoes into a stack of crispy, savory pancakes packed with gooey cheese and bits of bacon in every bite. My inspo for this dish came from the large serving of mashed potatoes that accompanied my order of ribs. When I got my order I didn’t bother with the mashed potatoes.

  • How to Turn Your Desk Salad Into a Dinner-Worthy Noodle Dish

    So next time you come home with your box of takeout, or your lifeless office lunch that doesn’t look so hot as it did then — don’t throw it out! I’m here to say with a little creativity and the right pantry you can make anything into a brand new spankin’ dish.  Leftover Soba Noodle Salad. It’s one of the kitchen tools I can’t live without.