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  • Celebrities who became dads after 50

    With age comes wisdom — and perhaps the desire for a bigger family — and a number of male celebrities have gone back to making babies after their first children are grown, or they’re having kids for the first time. Take Alec Baldwin, for example: With daughter Ireland an adult, the actor is back to playing Pat-a-Cake and peekaboo with his brood with wife Hilaria, who’s expecting again. The couple will soon have four kids under the age of 5(!). Others are making their first foray into fatherhood as older gentlemen. Steve Martin welcomed his first child, a daughter, at age 67. ...

  • An Ode to Retirement Beards

    Believe it or not, retirement beards are a real thing — and we fully support the movement.

  • David Letterman Is Nearly Unrecognizable Sporting a Bushy Beard on the Beach

    David Letterman, is that you? Letterman visited the school last December, where his retirement beard had him looking downright jolly. While he’s laid pretty low since leaving late night, Letterman revisited his old shtick last summer to slam Donald Trump.