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    So no one told you life was gonna be this waaaaay!

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  • Courteney Cox Gets Candid

    Courteney Cox is a rule breaker, at least when it comes to the outdated beauty guidelines commonly held among women of a certain age. At 53, she is often seen rockin’ a two-piece bathing suit, making it clear that to this iconic Friend, age is just a number. “I feel better than I’ve ever felt,” says the Alabama native, though she does admit that aging in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy. “Hollywood makes it hard; this business makes it ...

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    Lisa Kudrow arrives for a morning interview clad in a fitted black sweater, accented with a crisp white shirt underneath. When asked to describe her chic, unforced style, Kudrow — well-versed on everything from pharmaceuticals overprescribed to children to the lunacy of White House press briefings — is momentarily flummoxed.

  • Courteney Cox Regrets Her Plastic Surgery

    Courteney Cox admits that she regrets having plastic surgery and has now adopted the motto “just let it be.”