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  • We tried avocado chocolate toast, the new 'it' food according to at least one pop star

    Like any good millennial, there are a few things I enjoy: #catsofInstagram, '90s nostalgia, and the overwhelming sense of entitlement that comes with contributing to the demise of entire industries, like soap.  But if there's a stereotypical millennial trait I identify with most, it's my love of avocados.  SEE ALSO: Shout-out to this Dunkin' Donuts for replacing its broken drive-thru speaker with a baby monitor So when pop star Anne-Marie tried to make chocolate avocado toast <em>a thing </em>this weekend, I'll admit I was slightly intrigued. I just made avocado and chocolate spread on toast and before u say ew please try it — ANNE♥MARIE (@AnneMarie) August 18, 2018 Intrigue quickly turned to horror, though, when my editor asked if I would try to recreate the "recipe" myself. You know, for journalism. But being the serious professional I am, I agreed to the assignment and promptly headed for the farmers market.  Step one: acquiring the goods When @dlberes tells you your next assignment is to make avocado chocolate toast (!!), you go to the farmers market — Karissa Bell (@karissabe) August 19, 2018 It's 8:30 a.m. on a Sunday morning in the middle of summer in San Francisco — which means it's freezing and foggy. Luckily, the neighborhood farmers market is already almost entirely set up.  The "extra large" avocados.Image: Karissa bell/mashableHalfway down the street, I hit the jackpot: an entire stand full of avocados from Southern California. As I wait for the woman in front of me to finish her purchase, I wonder if I should tell the avocado vendor about my little project. I do, and the dialogue goes like this: <em>Me: Hi, I need one avocado.</em> <em>Her: OK.</em> <em>Me: But I need one that’s soft.</em> <em>Her: Oh... you want to eat it today? (She looks mildly alarmed.)</em> <em>Me: Yes. </em> <em>*We both begin gingerly squeezing avocados until she hands me one that she says is suitable for immediate consumption*</em> It is an "extra large" avocado. It costs $2.75. I decide it's best not to tell her what I have planned for it. Step two: chocolate crisis Next comes what I knew would be the most challenging part of my supply run: I need to find some kind of "chocolate spread."  My editor and I agreed that Nutella would probably do the trick, but it's not exactly a staple of farmers market cuisine. I wonder wildly if there's someone selling crepes whom I can persuade to sell me a single-serving of Nutella, but there are none in sight. Maybe I can find some sort of artisanal chocolaty spread amongst the stalls?  I'm almost at the end of the market when I see some jars with brownish contents and briefly get excited. I walk over only to find that it's olives and homemade kimchi.  Image: karissa bell/mashableI begin to panic slightly as I walk up the street, hoping that maybe the corner store will be open. Of course it isn't, but then I remember the bakery around the corner. I decide to improvise with a chocolate croissant that I'll just scoop the innards out of. I buy one for $4.75.  AS LAST, ASSEMBLY What have I done. — Karissa Bell (@karissabe) August 19, 2018 First, I gather all my ingredients. I pull out the avocado and croissant, then grab half a baguette I have left over from a dinner party last night. I slice up the bread and throw it in the toaster. While it's toasting, I begin disassembling the croissant so I can scoop out it chocolate filling. It's trickier than I thought — the chocolate is carefully rolled into the bottom of the croissant — but I manage to get it out without making a mess. Image: karissa bell/mashableThe toaster dings, so I grab the baguette and spread on a thin layer of chocolate. I cut up my avocado and am pleased to find it's just the right amount of soft without being overly squishy.  I carefully balance avocado slices onto the chocolate spread. I decide to add a pinch of sea salt on top to help the two flavors meld.  Avocado + chocolate in all its glory.Image: karissa bell/mashableI spend the next five minutes staring at my creation, willing myself to take a bite. My editor says it looks good, but I'm still hesitant to eat it. I decide to go into another room to take some more photos.  Finally, I can't put it off any longer.  Digging in I take a bite. It's better than I expected! But I wouldn't exactly call it tasty. The bittersweet chocolate filling from the croissant is extremely strong and overpowers the taste of the avocado.  The resulting flavor is chocolate with a strange, creamy, avocado texture. The salt was definitely a good idea, as it helps balance the sweetness from the chocolate. Well, I tried it. Everything tastes like chocolate (w/ the texture of avocado) — Karissa Bell (@karissabe) August 19, 2018 I chew slowly. It's not exactly good, but it's not terrible, either. I think that maybe it would be a good way to trick picky children into eating avocados.  To be honest, I'm still not sure why anyone would <em>want</em> to combine these ingredients, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. I realize I'm still not sure if I executed this properly — would Nutella have been better? Is there some other chocolaty spread that's more suited for avocados that I don't know about? I may never be certain, but it probably doesn't matter because I don't think I'll be making dessert avocado toast again any time soon. P.S. Anne-Marie, if you're reading this, tell me what you think of my toast. WATCH: Tasty-inspired mac 'n' cheese: We're doing it wrong

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