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  • 10 Celebrities Who Will Inspire You to Chop Off Your Strands This Summer

    Inspired to take on a big hair chop of your own for summer? Click through to see 10 celebrities who make it look super cool.

  • This Is the One Thing Zendaya Says She Will Never Do

    The actress, who is known for getting restless with her looks, has vowed to refrain from doing this one thing to her hair.

  • 11 Non-Lame Updos To Copy Now

    PHOTO: MIKE PONT/WIREIMAGE/GETTY IMAGES. The word updo just sounds so uptight. It calls to mind the kind of cotton-candy hair in a period film where everyone stares out the window longingly whilst doing needlework — or worse, that regrettable prom photo where you look extra awkward thanks to some crunchy beehive from the local beauty salon. Related: What to Wear If You Can’t Get Kylie’s Lip Kits But when you truly want to feel grown and sexy, like a fancy broad who is out on the town with her S.O., or like a put-together maid of honor in your best friend’s wedding — well, beachy waves just aren’t going to cut it.

  • This Year’s Best Celebrity Hair Transformations

    It was a good year for hair, especially among the daring set: A crop of our favorite celebs—Kim Kardashian, Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller—certainly weren’t shy when it came to switching up their dos. From serious cuts (and convincing fake-outs) to gorgeous dye jobs, these were our favorite hair transformations of 2015.

  • 9 Times Celebrities Cut Their Hair and We All Freaked Out

    It’s no secret that the world is obsessed with celebrity hair, from the latest cuts to the hottest colors. But no matter how many starsget lobs or pixies, most of them could never compete with the most iconic transformations of our time. We’re talking about the ones that inspired trends that would last for decades, make careers, and break our hearts. If you’re thinking Twiggy’s crop or Jared Leto’s man bun, you’re right. 

  • This Braid Trend is Having A Serious Moment

    PHOTOS: VINCENT SANDOVAL/GETTY IMAGES. Reinventing the crown braid isn’t easy. After all, there’s only so much you can do with that kind of hairstyle, right? Wrong.

  • The Most Memorable Bangs Ever

    Nothing can provoke a spirited discussion quite like announcing, “I’m thinking about getting bangs.” That’s because the five minutes of snipping required to create a facial fringe can change your entire look, for better or worse. The name even sounds dramatic: BOOM, I got BANGS! Bangs can disrupt a presidential inauguration (Michelle Obama), help you get an Oscar nod (Rooney Mara), or cause the internet to focus on nothing but your head for one entire day (Beyoncé).