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  • Ariel Winter Meant to Show Her Breast Reduction Scars at SAG Awards: "They Are Part of Me"

    Proud of her body! Ariel Winter hit the 2016 SAG Awards red carpet on Saturday, January 30, in an open-backed dress that revealed her breast reduction scars.

  • How a Breast Reduction Saved My Self-Esteem and Love Life

    Photo Credit: iStock By Alyson Gerber Weeks before I turned 19, I checked into Massachusetts General Hospital terrified that nothing could fix the way I saw myself. Two days after undergoing surgery, I stood topless in my parents’ bathroom watching as my mother slowly pulled squares of medical tape spotted with pus and dried blood from my chest. I waited in Percocet-induced suspense for my flat-chested doppelganger to miraculously appear in the full-length mirror. When they were finally uncovered I hardly recognized the small puffy breasts that fit perfectly inside the palms of my hands.