• He has cooked for Oprah, now this top chef reveals his must-have Thanksgiving recipe

    Celebrity Chef Art Smith reveals his secret Thanksgiving recipe that he prepares every year.

  • If You Don’t Like Whole Wheat Bread, You May Not Need to Eat It

    If you’re forcing yourself to eat whole wheat bread because it’s healthier, we may have some good news for you. According to research published in the journal Cell Metabolism, investigators from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel found that people have varied reactions in blood sugar levels when consuming white and whole wheat bread. In fact, out of the 20 study participants, nearly half were shown to have a better glycemic response to the processed white flour while the other half of the volunteers had a healthier response to the whole wheat sourdough.

  • Alert the Diet Police: Gluten-Free Gisele Wore a Bread Hat

    For a woman who’s strictly gluten-free, Gisele Bündchen is getting awfully close to bread. The model is featured in Loewe’s new fall 2017 campaign wearing a hat plastered with an image of a loaf. No, the bread doesn’t even look gluten-free or even seven-grain. It’s — gasp — white bread.

  • I Tried Breadfacing — Now I Understand

    Have you watched the Breadface videos? By now, the New York Times has written about the anonymous carbophile behind them, and people seem quite taken with her work, which consists of footage of a woman rubbing her face all over various breads. She’s breadfaced cornbread, tortillas, Martin’s potato rolls, and slices of Wonder Bread (her favorite); along the way, she’s amassed 36,000 Instagram followers.

  • Make Your Own Gluten-Free Bread at Home

    I love bread—in fact there are times when only bread will do. I love it toasted and I love it with eggs; I love it for sandwiches and I love it simply spread with hummus or butter. To cut down on my gluten intake, I have started making gluten-free bread at home. What I don’t eat on the day of baking, I slice, wrap in foil, and keep in the freezer. Then it’s there, ready sliced, so I can put it straight in the toaster whenever I feel the need to indulge.

  • Apple-Onion Focaccia for a Yummy Party Appetizer

    Every week, Yahoo Food spotlights a cookbook that stands out from the rest. This week’s cookbook is Thug Kitchen Party Grub (Rodale Books), a collection of party-ready vegan recipes. Read more about Yahoo Food’s Cookbook of the Week here.

  • 9 Ridiculously Delicious Monkey Bread Recipes You Need To Try

    If you’ve never tried “monkey bread,” you’re seriously missing out. It’s basically store-bought biscuit dough rolled into little balls and dipped in butter, cinnamon, sugar, or a bunch of other sweet combos. And there are never-ending ways to make the dessert even better. Ahead, find the best monkey bread recipes the internet has to offer.

  • Must-Try Monkey Bread Recipes Just in Time for Christmas Brunch

    Though your mom might have told you not to play with your food, we’re now giving you full permission to do so.

  • Chocolate Takes Pumpkin Bread to the Dark Side

    Below, Billy Green of Wit & Vinegar presents his super dense pumpkin bread enriched with rich cocoa. It’s been amazing, though sometimes I feel very attacked whenever I open the fridge, because there’s this beautiful loaf of pumpkin bread giving me major eyes. Preheat your oven to 350°F. Prepare your pan by lining it with parchment paper.

  • Yahoo Food’s Cookbook of the Year: ‘The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook’

    The year 2015 was a fantastic year for cookbooks. The NoMad Cookbook is one of the most stunning books of the year, and Mimi Sheraton’s 1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die has us planning more than a few eating trips. And then there are the books that will shape — nay, change — the way we cook and eat on a daily basis. Thanks to Travis Lett’s lush and generous Gjelina cookbook, the pizza stone is coming out of storage, while Heidi Swanson’s quietly beautiful Near & Far will be our go-to for the kind of cozy soups and creative salads we crave day and night. 

  • Chocolate Babka French Toast Is a Reason to Get Out of Bed on Sunday

    This week, we’re spotlighting recipes from Modern Israeli Cooking: 100 New Recipes for Traditional Classics by Danielle Oron (Page Street Publishing Co.), chef and owner of Toronto’s Moo Milk Bar and founder of the blog I Will Not Eat Oysters.

  • The Best Make-Ahead Stuffing Out There

    Danielle Oron is the force behind popular recipe blog I Will Not Eat Oysters and a former Yahoo Food Blogger of the Week. Photos: Danielle Oron Are you like me? If your answers are “yes,” then you agree: Thanksgiving is way more enjoyable when you’re not running around the kitchen like a turkey with its head cut off. No fuss and no mess. I use sourdough bread, but a basic white country loaf works well, too.

  • 13 Thanksgiving Dinner Bread Recipes: Cornbread, Biscuits, and More

    By Sarah Jampel Thanksgiving is basically the Starch Family reunion. Everyone’s accounted for, with stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie crust all making an appearance at the big meal. But amidst the din and the chatter, the bread—the root of this family tree—is often pushed aside for another scoop of something more “festive."  No more, we say!

  • The Last Banana Bread Recipe You’ll Ever Need

    Every week, we spotlight a different food blogger who’s shaking up the blogosphere with tempting recipes and knockout photography. Here, Tara O’Brady of Seven Spoons shares a recipe for hearty, wholesome banana bread that has all manner of good things tucked inside. All photos courtesy of Tara O’Brady By Tara O’Brady of Seven Spoons The world may not need another banana bread recipe, but banana bread is what I’d offer if you were to come over for coffee today.

  • New Yorker Rye from ‘The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook’

    Every week, Yahoo Food spotlights a cookbook that stands out from all the rest. This week’s cookbook is The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Julia Turshen.

  • Spoon Bread from ‘Southern Soups & Stews’

    This week, we’re spotlighting recipes from Southern Soups & Stews: More Than 75 Recipes from Burgoo and Gumbo to Etouffée and Fricassee by Nancie McDermott (Chronicle Books), a collection of hearty, crowd-pleasing dishes from around the American South. Try making the recipes at home and let us know what you think! A custard and soufflé mashup known in South as Spoon Bread. (Photo: Leigh Beisch) By Nancie McDermott Spoon Bread Serves 4 to 6 Located right by the intersection of custard and soufflé, this beloved Southern accompaniment to a special-occasion feast may find a place among your year-round, borderless repertoire of go-to dishes that expand a meal with minimal effort.

  • Chocolate and Cinnamon-Swirled Banana Bread to Cure Those Morning Blues

    Here, Alana Kysar of Fix Feast Flair explains her obsession with banana bread and shares a tempting version swirled with chocolate and cinnamon. Photos courtesy of Alana Kysar By Alana Kysar of Fix Feast Flair There is something extremely comforting and nostalgic about banana bread. I was with my dad, at a friend’s home, and his wife offered up a slice of chocolate chip banana bread. The mere addition of chocolate forever changed the banana bread game for me.

  • Does Your Bread Contain This Potentially Cancer-Causing Additive?

    Potassium bromate has been identified as “potential human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer — and it’s also recently been found to be in at least 86 baked goods and products that you can find in the grocery store. The report, which comes courtesy of environmental research and advocacy organization Environmental Working Group, shows that potassium bromate is used in at least 86 baked goods and other products commonly sold in supermarkets. Among the products that contain it: Hormel Foods breakfast sandwiches, Goya turnover pastry dough, and Weis Kaiser rolls. See the full list of products here.  When reached for comment, a representative for Hormel tells Yahoo Health that the products listed in the EWG report “were discontinued over 18 months ago,” were part of a limited distribution test market in three cities, and are no longer on shelves. "Providing consumers with safe products is the No. 1 priority at Hormel Foods,“ the representative said.

  • Pâte Fermentée from ‘The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook’

    This week’s cookbook is The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Julia Turshen. Photograph by Jennifer May by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Julia Turshen Pâte Fermentée Makes about 1¼ cups (risen and deflated) Pâte fermentée is an ingredient in many recipes in the lean and enriched doughs chapters.

  • Nan-E Qandi from ‘The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook’

    Every week, Yahoo Food spotlights a cookbook that stands out from all the rest. This week’s cookbook is The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Julia Turshen. Read more about the book here. Photograph by Jennifer May Nan-E Qandi Makes 6 (5-inch/13 cm) rounds; serves 6 Rich with butter and milk and sweet from a bit of honey, nan-e qandi is an addictive bread from Iran.

  • How to Make Buttery, Flaky Moroccan Bread M’smen

    Every week, Yahoo Food spotlights a cookbook that stands out from all the rest. This week’s cookbook is The Hot Bread Kitchen Cookbook: Artisanal Baking from Around the World by Jessamyn Waldman Rodriguez and Julia Turshen. Read more about the book here.

  • How Healthy Is Your Bread?

    Most of us have a love-hate relationship with bread. We love its hearty, satisfying taste, but hate its high carb and calorie count. However, eat the right bread and you can reap health benefits that might put your carb-guilt to rest. <br /> <br />Just note two things. “No matter what type of bread you’re eating, read the label to make sure it doesn’t contain high-fructose corn syrup and too much sodium,” says New York City-based dietician Deborah Malkoff-Cohen, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, founder of City Kids Nutrition. “And when you look at the ingredient list, you should be able to pronounce and understand everything. No chemical-sounding words.” <br /> <br />But are some breads “better” than others for your health? We unpacked the nutrition of eight kinds. <br /> <br /> <b>Read This Next: <i><a href="">5 Carbs That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight </a></i></b>