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    I have to admit it — Newport Beach, California wasn’t on my radar before this week. Sure, we’ve all heard of Laguna and Malibu, other SoCal hotspots.  But now that I’m here, I’m not sure how I missed it — after all, it was the setting for The OC, Beaches, and Gilligan’s Island; it’s home to Jay Leno and Kobe Bryant; and it’s a not-too-warm, not-too-chilly beachside family destination you’ll want to visit again and again.

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    Rehoboth Beach in Delaware was fit for sand-castle royalty this year, running away with the title of hottest beach with a 217 percent rise in popularity on Foursquare. (Photo: Victoria Pickering/Flickr)

  • Using Science to De-stress Your Vacation

    While some of the testing does not have strong evidence in medical literature, the feedback I received there allowed me to consider my exposure to certain health risks and make lifestyle changes to improve my well-being. The BodyHoliday experience is set on four key pillars – relaxation, restorative beauty, exercise, and good diet.

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    Part of the famed ABC islands, Curaçao is one of the most exciting destinations in the Caribbean — an island where multiple cultures meet, architectural history has been beautifully preserved, and unparalleled adventures await. Here is a list of 10 spots you can’t miss when you visit Curaçao.

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    These skinny island chains run parallel to the mainland are most are well worth exploring year-round. The island dunes are often beautifully rugged places that protect our mainland coastline from battering storms and everyday erosion. Since these islands get the brunt of ocean waves and storm systems, they evolve constantly—sometimes even being split in two by particularly devastating hurricanes. Barrier islands protect only 13 percent of the world’s coastlines, and many of those islands are located right here in the United States.

  • Beach Collapse Creates Massive Hole on Australian Island

    Swimmers were advised to stay away from this part of North Stradbroke Island after its collapse. (Photo: SLSQ/Twitter)

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    During the summer months, the powder white beaches that stretch from the cities of Gulf Shores to Orange Beach are covered with towels, chairs, and screaming kids. You’ll fight bumper-to-bumper traffic to get anywhere, and if that somewhere happens to be a restaurant, you can expect up to a two-hour wait for a table.

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    Yes, you can get a beach house for less: here’s how. (Photo by Getty Images/Design by Erik Mace) You don’t have to blow your entire savings on a vacation abode — not when there are plenty of homes ripe for the taking. Buying — or rather, finding — the perfect foreclosed home can be a daunting task, but it can also result in a rock-bottom deal.  We turned to the real estate site RealtyTrac, which researched the most-desired beach locales in the U.S. and compared those results to their foreclosure sales data from 2012.

  • Cancun Then and Now: Has Tourism Ruined Paradise?

    By Brian McGee The Mexican beach resort of Cancun, with its white-sand beaches, coral reefs and nightlife, attracts more than 3 million tourists a year. “Cancun can be an attractive destination,” CEMDA’s Serrano says.

  • Hotel Insider: Old-school Caribbean Luxury at Four Seasons Nevis

    The vibe: Laid-back Nevisian luxury Getting there: For most flights, you have to fly into Nevi’s big-sister island, St. Kitts, and then take a 30-minute ferry to Nevis. American Airlines offers daily flights from Miami to St. Kitts and weekly nonstop flights from Charlotte, N.C. United is starting a new weekly service from Newark, N.J., to St. Kitts on December 18. Another option for Four Seasons guests is to fly to San Juan and then connect on Tradewind Aviation shuttle to Nevis airport.