• There are only 15 lesbian bars left in the entire country. This campaign is trying to save them.

    “This is where I found my community, this is where I came out, this is how I found other lesbians,” says Lea DeLaria, executive producer and narrator of the project’s PSA.

  • How to Spot a Fake Beer Bar

    Misleading and out of touch, the domestics, premium, and/or imports section on a beer menu should be limited to Applebee’s and airport bars from the ‘90s, but occasionally they’re unwelcome holdovers from another era, like Christina Aguilera or Regis Philbin.

  • How to Make The Perfect Bar Snack at Home

    Like a wink and a smile, bars and peanuts just go together. Some bars serve them in their shells, encouraging you to litter the floor beneath your stool, while others serve basic bowls of dry-roasted. At Seattle’s Damn the Weather, the peanuts are fried until they brown and blister, then tossed while still warm in an equal parts mixture of salt and sugar, which sticks to the nuts like a dusting of snow.SWEET-AND-SALTY PEANUTS

  • The Best New Bars In America

    What we’ve seen across the country is that bartenders are realizing that they can make fantastic craft cocktails and have curated smart draft lists, and good, snack-worthy bar food, without all of the hoopla and show. Which means more cocktails using only three or four ingredients (just really well made). And more beer menus that pare things down to a curated list rather than an exhaustive book.

  • The Dumbest Questions You Can Ask a Bartender

    Bartenders field questions like this all the time, and although most are happy to help clueless customers, there are certain questions that draw the ire of even the friendliest barkeep… and they’re asked with alarming frequency. Here are the questions you should never ask a bartender – but probably will – according to actual bartenders.

  • The Best Sports Bar in Every NFL City

    By: Lee Breslouer Credit: Courtesy of HarbourCenter Pro football and sports bars go together like a former NFL player and a long-term prison sentence: perfectly! And since football season is in full swing, we’re naming the best sports bar in every NFL city. Keep in mind we’re not just talking about the best Giants bar in New York or the best Cowboys bar in Dallas; rather, these are the best places to watch sporting events based on the outrageous number of TVs, the deliciousness of the food and drink, and the all-around attributes that make them places we want to party on game day. Armadillo Grill Phoenix, AZ (Cardinals) Forty-four TVs should be enough to watch the 10 or so NFL games that kickoff at the same time every “fall” and “winter” Sunday morning in Phoenix.

  • 6 of the Most Haunted Bars in America

    Usually when you see a ghost at a bar it’s because you’re on your eighth shot of tequila. But at these bars all over the country you may not have to attribute your spirit sightings to your blood alcohol content.   Related: Halloween Cocktails Halloween Recieps Halloween Desserts 5 Most Haunted Apartment Buildings In New York 5 Signs You’re In A Good Cocktail Bar

  • Here's What Bartenders Think of You Based on Your Drink Order

    © iStockphoto If you’re looking to get your questions answered by someone who considers themselves enough of an expert to provide their opinions anonymously on the Internet, “Ask Reddit” is the place for you. Another user spoke to the stereotype of a Midori Sour.

  • All The Best Couples Meet In Bars

    By Cecily Kellogg My first date as an adult was in 1986. I met him through an amusing personal ad in an alternative weekly newspaper. I had to send a physical letter through the mail to respond.

  • The Most Iconic Bar in Every State (and DC)

    Fast food taste tests, waitresses getting massive tips, the best restaurants across America — these are just a few of the topics Yahoo Food readers loved the most. In a tribute to you, our reader, we are revisiting some of our most popular stories of 2015.

  • Get Your Flapper on at These Speakeasy-Style Bars

    To find PDT, just look inside the hot-dog phone booth. (Photo: Noah Kalina)