• Amara La Negra opens up about being Afro-Latina and dealing with colorism

    Yahoo Lifestyle spoke to Afro-Latina recording artist and reality star Amara La Negra, who said that her mother is one of her biggest inspirations.

  • Afro-Latina recording artist accused of 'blackface body' claps back with childhood video

    Amara La Negra, one of VH1's “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” breakout stars, proved that her skin is completely natural by posting a video of herself on Instagram as a young girl.

  • Internet says Miss Jamaica, rocking natural hair, was robbed of Miss Universe title

    Davina Bennett, the second runner-up for Miss Universe, not only showed off her crowning Afro glory, but did so with grace, intelligence, and confidence — and people are beyond here for it.

  • Black girls proudly rock their natural hair in Renaissance-themed photo series

    Husband-and-wife photography team Kahran and Regis Bethencourt of CreativeSoul Photography are encouraging little girls of color to embrace their textured locks with her AfroArt series.

  • The internet is celebrating the beauty of Afros with the most amazing images

    The energy from the World Afro Day conference spread onto social media, where women, men, and children shared stunning photos of their 'fros.

  • Zendaya's Met Gala Afro Gives Me Life

    Zendaya's Afro is full of texture, the layers are on point, and the reddish-brown color adds warmth to her radiant complexion.

  • Solange's Front-Row Afro, and More Best Celebrity Beauty Looks of the Week

    The “Cranes in the Sky” singer was spotted in the front row at the Chloé show during Paris Fashion Week, rocking big, teased curls and neutral makeup for a truly ethereal look.

  • This Black Model Was Told She Wasn’t Dark Enough to Wear an Afro

    One of the models who caught our attention this season was Kelly Gervais, a 5-foot-8-inch New Jersey native. She not only walked in six shows (including Pyer Moss), but also did so while sporting an Afro. “I started modeling when I was about 13 years old, though I didn’t start professionally [until] I was about 15,” Gervais told Yahoo Beauty.

  • Beyoncé Stops in Her Tracks to Compliment Women's Afros During Performance

    Beyoncé stops in her tracks to compliment two ladies' afros.

  • Black Panthers 101: Beyoncé and Beyond

    It’s likely that most Americans under 30 — black, white, or otherwise — don’t know much about the iconic Black Panther Party, the militant, black-led, antiracist, anticapitalist political group that sprang to life in Oakland, Calif., in 1966 as a reaction to police brutality. In the following 16 years of its existence, it rocked the country, and the world, with its explosive mixture of black empowerment, community organizing, radical politics, and fierce fashion … not to mention its bloody internal feuds, criminality, and sexism. The party upended the civil rights conversation in post-Martin Luther King-era America, and its signature look — berets, huge Afros, dark sunglasses, black leather jackets, raised fists, and openly wielded guns — became synonymous with the 1960s-’70s ideas of black power and black pride. Who would have thought that the previously apolitical Beyoncé would’ve used the halftime show at the Super Bowl — that consummate symbol of corporate American power — to thrust the Panthers back into the public eye 50 years after their formation?

  • 25 Photos Of Beautiful Natural-Hair Inspiration

    PHOTOGRAPHED BY JUSTIN RYAN KIM Natural hair comes in so many curl patterns, colors, shapes, and sizes. The texture can be manipulated more than that of any other hair type — into straight, curly, protective styles, and more. As a result, the hair envy reaches far and wide.  Related: 30 Photos Of Unretouched Butts, In Case You Forgot What They Really Look Like From celebrities to ladies on the street, and, of course, social media stars, hairspiration is everywhere.

  • Twitter Goes Wild For North West’s Afro Last Night

    North West finally appeared on ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, Season 11 premiere. (Photo: E!) Last night in the Season 11 premiere of our generation’s version of The Brady Bunch — Keeping Up with the Kardashians — two-year-old North West finally (!!!) appeared on screen with her mother Kim Kardashian West.