• Coca-Cola, Delta apologize for 'creepy' napkins encouraging fliers to give their phone numbers to their 'plane crush'

    The napkins, which were a collaboration between Delta and Diet Coke on U.S. flights, did not have a happy ending. Coca-Cola and Delta are removing the napkins from flights.

  • Artist reverses gender roles in '50s ads to 'give men a taste of their own sexist poison'

    Lebanon-based visual artist Eli Rezkallah encountered the lasting impression of sexism when he visited family for Thanksgiving. The conversations that he overheard among his uncles stemmed from the seemingly outdated stereotypes of gender roles from the ’50s, however obsolete he believed them to be.

  • This ‘Over-Sexualized’ Ad Was Banned for ‘Objectifying’ Women

    A Femfresh ad has been banned in the U.K. for "objectifying" women and for the likelihood that it could cause “serious or widespread offense.”

  • Medispa Removes Body-Shaming Ads After Backlash

    When a women’s empowerment advocate spotted local medispa advertisements that used body-shaming language recently, she decided to speak up. Alice Bracegirdle, who owns a dance-inspired fitness company, Bellyfit International, in British Columbia, decided to take to Facebook to express her disgust over the language of the ad, which promoted a non-invasive liposuction-like procedure by Cosmedica.

  • Rihanna Sparkles & Dances In the Moonlight for Dior

    The video to support Rihanna’s Steven Klein-lensed Dior campaign (making her the first woman of color to star in ads for the fashion house) has just been released. The brand, which has a history of doing short fashion films to accompany their advertising campaigns (Natalie Portman chartering a heli, anyone?), has been teasing bits from the fourth installment of the Secret Garden series on its website all week. Oh just a little palace called Versailles, possibly the most opulent locale in the world, but it’s no sweat for Dior which has a relationship with the chateau that dates back to the days of Monsieur Dior and his famed Versailles collection.

  • Why Dov Charney Should've Been Fired Years Ago

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