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  • How to Have the Perfect Weekend in Sydney, Australia

    Australia, with its white sand beaches, Blue Mountains and laid back atmosphere is at the top of many Americans’ bucket list - and the entry point for most is Sydney. Watch this video for the best way to utilize your weekend in Sydney.

  • A Dark Chapter in Paradise: The Leper Colony of  Molokai, Hawaii

    The island of Molokai is an unspoiled paradise — the last Hawaiian island that has held out against cruise ships and mass tourism — but for 100 years to more than 8,000 people, it was a prison.  On the north shore of the island is a secluded peninsula surrounded by high sea cliffs on three sides and an impassable coastline on the fourth. It was on this spot in Molokai in 1866 that King Kamehameha V created Kalaupapa. Related: Molokai, the Last Truly Unspoiled Island in Hawaii It may look like paradise, but for thousands, the colony of Kalaupapa was a prison. “The patients were brought in by boat,” Norman Leahy, the head guide for Father Damien Tours said. “They were put on long boats at the entrance to the bay and told to sail to shore.

  • The Magic of the Monarch Butterfly Migration

    Once a year for four months, the pine and oak forests of the UNESCO-protected Biosphere Reserve, high up in the Transatlantic Volcanic Belt outside of Mexico City, come alive. Starting in early November, on the Day of the Dead, millions of monarch butterflies arrive after their 3,000-mile journey from eastern Canada and the United States to mate … creating one of the most majestic natural wonders in the world. The butterflies cluster together to keep warm — but when the sun comes out, they set flight. (All photos: Paula Froelich) It all started in December when I realized I wanted to start off 2016 the way I wanted to end it — traveling and being inspired.

  • The Perfect Weekend Getaway to Mexico City, 2016′s Hot Spot

    James Bond loves it, Formula 1 loves it, and it just got the coveted No. 1 spot on the New York Times’s “52 Places to Go in 2016” list — it’s official: Mexico City is hot right now. With 150 museums (many of them either free or costing just a few dollars) and four UNESCO sites, Mexico City is a historical culture lover’s dream. Becca Hensley, a travel writer whose family is from Mexico City, spent many summers in the Coyoacán neighborhood, near where Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera lived.

  • Planes, Trains, and Mules? The Top 10 Ways to Travel the World

    When you travel, sometimes you have to rely on some interesting means of transportation to get from Point A to Point B… some are cleaner than others and some are downright terrifying. This last year has been particularly amazing for me in terms of modes of transportation.

  • No Lines, No Wait, No Worries: Inside United Airlines’ Ultra- Exclusive 4 Million Mile Club

    Ever wonder why you never see any celebrities, politicians or mega-businessmen at the airport? It’s not because they fly private; that’s just not cost-effective. If they fly United, it’s because they are members of the ultimate elite flying club: United Global Services.

  • WATCH: Surfing With the 76-Year-Old Legend of Waikiki Beach

    Everyone on Waikiki Beach knows “Uncle” Billy Pa. At 76, he’s been surfing the shores in front of the Royal Hawaiian hotel for decades and was part of the original Beach Boys (not the band!) — the group of local surfers who brought the sport to the rest of the world.

  • Traveling in the Middle East in the Wake of the Paris Terror Attacks

    Two nights before, eight roaches slipped into Paris and, in an orchestrated attack, killed 129 people and terrorized millions around the globe. Morocco, once a French colony, went on high alert.

  • WATCH: Loco Moco and Spam? The Top 7 Weirdest Foods Hawaiians Love

    Hawaii is a fascinating place for many reasons - least of which is the food. Where else in the world can you find spam musubi (a spam sushi roll the size of a nerf ball)? Or anywhere for that matter that still not only eats spam but may actually consider it a lost food group?  Or take the favorite (and delicious) breakfast dish, the Loco Moco, whose name literally translated means  “Crazy Booger.” 

  • At This South African Rhino Orphanage, Volunteers Do the Cuddling

    Forget curling up with a cat, the most amazing thing in the world is cuddling an orphaned baby rhino. (Photo: Khululu Care for the Wild) There is almost nothing more heartbreaking in South Africa’s war against rhino poaching than seeing a baby pachyderm standing watch over its dead mother, mourning. Many times the babies, too young to survive on their own, are also doomed; others are rescued — their fate unknown. But now, there is a facility in the north of the country where these babies are, fed, cared for, and ultimately released to the wild — and it’s guests (who pay for the volunteer experience) who are doing it.

  • Inside the Belly of the Volcanic Beast in Hawaii

    Hawaii is the land of Pele, the volcano goddess. Inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the Kilauea volcano, the most active volcano on earth, which, according to the National Park Service, produces 250,000 to 650,000 cubic yards of lava per day — enough to resurface a 20-mile-long two-lane road daily. Thanks to Kilauea, about 500 acres of new land have been created on the island of Hawaii since 1983. Related: WATCH: The Magic of Night Swimming With Hawaii’s Gentle Giants The lava ate this road for lunch. (Photo: Paula Froelich) While it is beautiful — and the Kilauea Caldera glows every night as if alive — it is also terrifying.

  • Why I Spend My Birthday Every Year Alone and on the Road

    So, in a fit of pique I did it.  This is what 40 looks like — happy.  At the time, I did a Tumblr post noting, “So, the stress of planning my birthday party finally got to me.

  • WATCH: The Magic of Night Swimming With the Gentle Giants of Hawaii

    There is almost nothing more terrifying yet magical than being out in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island, with 18-foot-wide, alien-looking beings swimming backward loops just millimeters from your face. One of the most fascinating things to experience in Hawaii is to take a night swim with giant manta rays. Although fierce looking — with triangular fins, horn-shaped cephalic fins, gaping maws, and long, sharp tails — they are not to be confused with some of their fiercer cousins (think sharks or Steve Irwin and his unfortunate demise).

  • WATCH: Americana Rules! Inside The Best Little Carnie Museum In Louisiana

    WATCH: Americana Rules! Inside The Best Little Carnie Museum In Louisiana Yahoo is streaming the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, a three-day music festival live from New Orleans. This year’s lineup includes artists like Florence & The Machine, deadmau5, Jane’s Addiction, and more. It starts on Friday, Oct. 30 at 4 p.m.

  • On Hunt for the Eeriest Ghost Town in Mexico

    Located high up in the Sierra de Catorce mountains, Real de Catorce had a grisly start: Always considered the home of sacred spirits by the Chichimeca and Huichol people, it was named after the 14 Spanish soldiers killed trying to establish the town by local Chichimeca warriors in the 18th century. According to my guide, Antonio del Rosal, “The desert below Real de Catorce is known for having the best peyote.

  • Wrestling, Archery, and Racing: Genghis Khan’s Draft Still Takes Place in Mongolia

    In mid July every year, all over Mongolia, business in the boomtown capital of Ulaanbaatar and in the tiny towns dotting the country comes to a standstill — as day laborers, miners, shopkeepers and almost every man, woman, and child head to their yurts to prepare for the Naadam Festival. As the main wrestlers are built like linebackers and move like cheetahs, one can only imagine who the woman was who won.] Related: Mongolia’s Secret Natural Wonder Initially, Naadam began as a way to let off steam or show off after weddings or gatherings, but during Genghis Khan’s reign (and for hundreds of years after) it formalized into a showcase of talent and a way for warriors to catch the king’s eye. These days, with the pillaging over, Nadaam celebrates the 1921 revolution when Mongolia officially declared itself an independent country. The day starts with an elaborate ceremony in the National Stadium — where dancers, horsemen, and musicians perform scenes from Mongolia’s past — including, naturally, Genghis Khan’s domination.

  • Culture of Booze: 3 Must-Hit Spots on the Ultimate NOLA Alcohol Crawl

    Yahoo is streaming the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, a three-day music festival live from New Orleans. This year’s lineup includes artists like Florence & The Machine, deadmau5, Jane’s Addiction, and more. It starts on Friday, Oct. 30 at 4 p.m. ET/1 p.m.

  • WATCH: A Psychic Tour of America’s Most Haunted City

    Strolling through the Cities of the Dead with the Mary Poppins of dead people isn’t as creepy as it sounds, I swear.  But it does make the city come alive in ways you’ve never imagined.  When I went down to New Orleans last month I wanted to experience a side of the city I, literally, can’t see - the ghostly side. If you talk to people who believe in and experience the “Sixth Sense,” NOLA is jam packed with people who just quite haven’t made the transition to heaven or hell. So I called my friend Cari Roy, The New Orleans Psychic, who’s been talking to dead people and peeking inside people’s heads since she was a little girl. Related: Watch: Americana Rules! Inside America’s Best Little Carnie Museum Carrie is also one of the more flamboyantly stylish mediums in New Orleans - and likes to match her drink to her umbrella!  “So why are all these ghosts here?

  • Whip Cracking Sunsets At Mindil Market in Darwin Australia

    It’s an experience not to be missed.  The sunset at Mindil Market is one of the best I have ever seen. The broad abroad… The beaches are beautiful - but dangerous.

  • Australia’s Kakadu National Park: Nature’s Garden of Eden

    In the far north of Australia, past the wineries of the Blue Mountains, the surfing hot spots outside of Sydney, and the Great Barrier Reef, is a mystical, magical part of the country many overlook — but shouldn’t: Kakadu National Park.  Driving through Kakadu. (All photos: Paula Froelich) Froelich and a giant termite mound.  The park is like a time capsule from the Jurassic era: Everything here is bigger and weirder than anywhere else in the world.

  • WATCH: Exploring the Dinosaur Graveyard in the Jurassic World of Mongolia

    Paula Froelich goes to Mongolia’s Flaming Cliffs to hunt for dinosaur bones. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.  Deep in the Gobi Desert is an explorer’s dream: a real life dinosaur graveyard. Sixty million years ago, velociraptors and other dinosaurs roamed this part of the earth, which was then a grassy, leafy area. This site, Byanazag, otherwise known as the Flaming Cliffs, is especially famous because in the 1920s, American paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews discovered dinosaur eggs there — proving dinosaurs were reptilian and didn’t have live births.

  • How to Be a True Nomad: Milking Camels in Mongolia

    This summer, I fulfilled a lifelong dream: visiting Mongolia. I’d read about Genghis Khan and his conquests for years and had always wanted to visit — a bucket list dream come true, if you will. I decided to do a road trip, as, 800 years after the Great Khan died, over one-third of the population still leads a nomadic lifestyle, living in gers (yurts), with their cattle (camels, cows, goats, and yaks) roaming the fields outside. Not much has changed over the years except for the method of transportation. ...

  • WATCH: The Hunt for the Louisiana Swamp Monsters

    According to Cajun legend, deep in the Louisiana Swamp is the Rougarou — a large, werewolf-like half-man, half-beast creature who preys on people who venture too far into its terrain.  Photo (modified) by Angie Garrett/Flickr. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.  Regarding this legendary beast, History.com says, “The Cajun legend of the Rougarou can take on multiple forms.

  • Hero: This Hotel Manager Saved 300 People During Katrina

    Hero: This Hotel Manager Saved 300 People During Katrina  Yahoo is streaming the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, a three-day music festival live from New Orleans. This year’s lineup includes artists like Florence & The Machine, deadmau5, Jane’s Addiction, and more. It starts on Friday, October 30 at 4pm ET/1pm PT and you can watch all weekend long at yahoo.com/voodoo When many people think of Hurricane Katrina, they think of New Orleans — but the Big Easy wasn’t the only place devastated by the storm. Ten years ago, right as the hurricane came ashore, it made a sharp right turn and headed straight for the Mississippi Gulf Coast — plowing into towns like Pass Christian, Ocean Springs, and Biloxi.

  • 10 Years Post Katrina, NOLA’s House of Dance & Feathers Dances Back to Life

    Yahoo is streaming the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience, a three-day music festival live from New Orleans. This year’s lineup includes artists like Florence & The Machine, deadmau5, Jane’s Addiction, and more. It starts on Friday, October 30 at 4pm ET/1pm PT and you can watch all weekend long at yahoo.com/voodoo Tucked away in the Lower Ninth Ward, just blocks from where the levee broke, is a unique museum, even for New Orleans. Located in a building in the back of 1317 Tupelo Street is the House of Dance & Feathers — a rough-and-tumble museum dedicated to the Mardi Gras Indian tribes.

  • Sydney Gets Wild and Weird With Vivid

    For two and a half weeks in late spring every year, Sydney takes over the mantle of City of Light (sorry, Paris). The city-wide Vivid Light festival transforms Sydney “into a wonderland of ‘light art’ sculptures, innovative light installations, and grand-scale projections for all to enjoy — for free,” promises the website. “It is a magical celebration of light-design excellence and the world’s largest outdoor ‘art-gallery’: a unique Vivid Sydney experience.”  And it is wild.