Robyn Lawley

  • Plus Size Model Robyn Lawley Shows That Angles Are Everything

    Robyn Lawley, a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue star and the first plus-size model to be shot for Australian Vogue, demonstrated that angles can change everything when she posted two selfies to her Instagram on Thursday. Lawley spoke out to Sports Illustrated calling the one-size-fits-all body-image standard “stupid” and talking about how she intends to teach her daughter Ripley, to love her body.

  • Robyn Lawley Reveals Her Most ‘Humiliating’ Beauty Mistake and Go-to ’90s Makeup Trick

    At just 27 years old, the Australian model is already a pioneer in the fashion industry.

  • Robyn Lawley on Body Ideals: “It’s Just Kind of Stupid”

    Robyn Lawley is changing the modeling industry.

  • Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Is a ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Issue Rookie

    Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue may not exactly be ahead of the curve when it comes to representing body diversity, but late is better than never. On Tuesday, plus-size model Ashley Graham was announced as one of the 2016 issue’s five ‘rookies’—to be voted on by the public in an upcoming poll.

  • Robyn Lawley Shows off Her Stretch Marks to Address an Offensive Tabloid Article

    Robyn Lawley proudly shows off her #tigerstripes. Photo: @robynlawley1 Robyn Lawley is calling out a UK tabloid that had some unsavory things to say about her during her pregnancy last year. The model posted an image to Facebook, showing off her stretch marks, using the caption to address a Cosmopolitan interview “from a very honest maybe too honest conversation with a friend” which she claims was taken badly out of context in the press. According to Lawley, the tabloid article in question said, “Robyn considers abortion to avoid stretch marks.”