Maria Kang

  • Tess Holliday fires back at 'Fit mom' on body positivity: 'She's completely off the mark'

    Tess Holliday responds to Maria Kang, who says Holliday is not helping the body-positive movement by slamming a man who penned a tribute to his curvy wife.

  • 'Fit mom' Maria Kang criticizes plus-size model Tess Holliday on body positivity

    When Holliday shared her take on a man whose Instagram post celebrating the curvy body of his wife went viral on July 31, Kang didn’t hold back.

  • ‘No Excuse Mom’ Maria Kang Calls Out Filmmaker on Body Positivity

    Maria Kang wants moms to get their bodies into shape after having children, while Taryn Brumfitt is all about moms ’embracing’ their postbaby bodies. Maria Kang, aka “Hot Mom,” who once enraged the Internet by posting a chiseled bikini shot and challenging moms to whip their bodies into prepregnancy shape, is back in the spotlight: She’s calling out a fellow mom for sending women a muddled message about body positivity. On Monday, Kang posted to Facebook a split-screened photo of herself and Taryn Brumfitt, an Australian mother of three whose 2013 before-and-after pregnancy photos went viral after she confessed to preferring her postbaby curves to her prebaby six-pack abs.