Bernie Sanders

  • Presidential candidates condemn gun violence after El Paso shooting: 'Truly heartbreaking'

    Beto O'Rourke reportedly said, "Keep that sh*t on the battlefield."

  • Cardi B., Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders send messages of support for Ilhan Omar in response to 'Send her back' chants

    #IStandWithIlhan was trending on Twitter, with public figures and fellow politicians weighing in, including Cardi B. and Elizabeth Warren.

  • Teacher claims she was forced to delete student's Trump T-shirt in school yearbook: Lawsuit

    Susan Parsons, a teacher in New Jersey, is a Trump supporter herself, and was forced to edit the photo.

  • Meghan McCain calls Bernie Sanders support of letting prisoners vote ‘bats**t insane’

    During a town hall forum for Democratic presidential candidates, Sanders said that he supports keeping the right to vote "even for terrible people."

  • Mom 'disgusted' by dress code requiring teen girls to wear dresses or skirts 'at all times'

    Utah Girls State, a leadership program for teenage girls, has a controversial dress code. A girls’ leadership program that promotes female empowerment is getting slammed for a “sexist and antiquated” dress code. Utah Girls State is an exclusive, yearly summer workshop series for teen girls who have completed their junior year of high school.

  • Nike debuts the official Olympic uniforms for 2018 — but are they made in the USA?

    Nike unveiled its official uniforms for the 2018 Olympics. Nike has unveiled the official outfits for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, but people are asking if they’re made in America. On Tuesday, Nike introduced the Metal Stand Collection, to be worn by medalists in freezing February temperatures in PyeongChang: a Team USA Hypershield Summit Jacket (a removable bomber zip-up), waterproof pants with a cinched waist and ankle zippers, lace-free boots, and “touchscreen-compatible” gloves. The clothing will be available in stores Jan. 15.

  • So, What Does Bernie Sanders Think About Being a Fashion Muse, Anyway?

    Last month at Paris Fashion Week, it was big news when Sen. Bernie Sanders got runway attention at the latest Balenciaga show. Now, Sanders has finally gotten an opportunity to address the show.

  • Balenciaga’s New Collection Is Feeling the Bern(ie Sanders Merch)

    The endless slog of this political season has taken its toll on us all no matter which side of the party line you’re on. The current climate has made navigating every type of social situation in your life a veritable minefield, from Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family to updating your Facebook status.

  • How To Deal With People Who Want to Talk Politics at a Wedding

    “The coverage of the campaigns is so widespread and intense that I am guessing that the same discussions, both civil and heated, are taking place all over the country."

  • The Cosmetic Procedures Political Candidates Can Get Away With — And One They Definitely Can't

    Ever since Nixon's mother called him after the televised U.S. presidential debate in 1960 against Kennedy and asked him if he was ill, image for presidential campaigns changed forever.

  • Political Teen Takes Cardboard Cutout of Bernie Sanders to Prom

    Bernie Sanders didn’t attend his own prom back in the day, but he did attend this high school senior’s prom last Saturday. Kind of.

  • Why the Skin of Presidential Candidates Is a Mess

    If you’re thinking the presidential hopefuls look a bit worse for wear, you’re not imagining it. On the campaign trail, skin takes the most visible toll of all.

  • Topless Woman Interrupts Bernie Sanders Rally

    She had anti-hate messages painted across her chest and her back.

  • Meet the Makeup Artist Who Remade Hillary, Picked Lint Off Bernie

    Kriss Soterion-Blevens has done the makeup for every single primary nominee who has politicked their way through New Hampshire this season, except Donald Trump.

  • Bernie Sanders’s Suit Is #TheDress for Nerds

    Call it #TheDress for nerds, but viewers couldn’t determine whether Bernie Sanders was wearing a brown, black, or dark-blue suit at the Democratic debate on Wednesday.

  • Will Emily Ratajkowski’s Crop Top Get Bernie Sanders Votes?

    The model and actress, who found fame for dancing topless in a Robin Thicke music video, has entered the political ring, braving the snow and cold in New Hampshire to stump for presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders.

  • Tinder user asks her matches to 'Feel the Bern,' gets banned

    Some Tinder users are just not feeling the Bern. Robyn Gedrich, a 23-year-old from New Jersey, found this out the hard way when she was banned from the dating app Thursday after messaging hundreds of users about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign over the past two weeks. Though she's not affiliated with the campaign, Gedrich said she became a Sanders supporter after researching the Vermont senator's platform and realizing she agreed with many of the points, particularly Sanders' position on higher education. See also: Tinder now lets you use GIFs and large emoji in messages "He’s the only candidate I see that looks out for the people, rather than whatever money’s gonna buy them," Gedrich said. "I got good grades in school, but I still don’t have enough money to finish college, so that definitely resonates with me." It was while snowed in during the recent East Coast blizzard, and bored of the messages she had been receiving on Tinder, that Gedrich decided to use the app to spread the word about the Sanders campaign instead. Most of Gedrich's messages directed users to text a number in order to volunteer for the Sanders campaign—"Do you feel the Bern? Please text WORK to 82623 for me," she wrote—and though not everyone was receptive, Gedrich said she was encouraged to find that some people wanted to know more. "Some of them didn’t know about a lot of issues going on in the world, so it was kind of cool to talk to them and explain to them things they wouldn’t have known otherwise," Gedrich said. "Not a lot of them are interested, but at least a few are." See also: A Vermont tattoo shop is offering free Bernie Sanders ink Gedrich estimated she messaged about 50 people per day—around 600 users total—before she was banned from the app for being reported too many times, presumably because other users thought she was a spam bot. Though Gedrich is the first person to come forward about being banned from Tinder for Sanders campaigning, she apparently isn't the first to have tried the approach. One user documented the "adventures of a perpetual right-swiper in the efforts of electing Bernie Sanders" on a Tumblr called Tinder Campaigning, which consists of screenshots of Tinder messages campaigning for Sanders dated from October. While she wasn't aware of others campaigning for Sanders on Tinder, Gedrich said she intends to continue using social media to promote the campaign, and even plans to create another Tinder account, though she may take a different approach in the future. "Next time, I'll probably take my time and work my way into a conversation, instead of kind of trolling them," Gedrich said. "That's what it ended up looking like." See also: How aging candidate Bernie Sanders is grabbing Iowa's youth vote Though she may continue to campaign on Tinder and use the occasional meme to make a point on social media, Gedrich said she doesn't take her support for Sanders' platform lightly. "I feel like a lot of people look at me and say, 'You're 23, what do you know about this,'" Gedrich said. "I try to be serious about it so no one takes it as a joke." Tinder and the Sanders campaign did not respond to <em>Mashable'</em>'s request for comment by time of publication. <em></em>

  • Bernie’s Briefs Invites You to “Feel the Bern,” Put Bernie Sanders’s Face on Your Bum

    Bernie’s Briefs, all yours for the low price of $15.  Yesterday, the butt of America’s jokes was the sheer number of presidential candidates. Today, it’s a presidential nominee on its butt.  Bernie’s Briefs is the brainchild of Alexandra MacLean, Nick Sherman, and Todd Bailey, all of whom work together at a communications firm in Montpelier, VT, Bernie Sanders’s home state. Sanders, who leans the farthest left of the Democratic candidates, has been heard telling late night hosts that he favors briefs over boxers, which was apparently enough motivation to plaster a sketch of his face on the backside of white cotton briefs and sell them for $15 (plus shipping and handling). He must be talking about the campaigns of yesteryear because we’re still over a year away from the 2016 election and so far, it’s been nothing but hilarious.  Just yesterday, ABC’s Lara Spencer appeared to have sat on Donald Trump’s lap, Iowa banned The Daily Show from covering the Republican party’s cattle call which led to the greatest takedown of a state to ever hit TV.

  • Hillary Clinton is the New Beyonce

    Bernie Sanders ad Hillary Clinton on stage at the Democratic debate in Las Vegas on Tuesday night. Photo: Getty Images Everyone—even Donald Trump!—can agree on one thing this morning: Hillary Clinton killed it last night. In the first Democratic debate, held in Las Vegas on Tuesday night and moderated by Anderson Cooper, Clinton came out swinging, reassuring the sorta worried Democratic party with a performance that said, “I got this.”