Taco Bell's menu might be getting some major changes

The news, which sent social media users into a frenzy, .began when an insider posted on Reddit about a series of dishes expected to disappear in mid-August.The Reddit user, who is a verified employee at the fast-food chain, shared that many beloved items were getting the ax.Among those cuts: All potato items, the 7-layer burrito, the spicy tostada and the triple-layer nachos.Perhaps most notably, the quesarito — a fan-favorite dish that is basically a quesadilla combined with a burrito — is also allegedly on the outs.None of these changes have been officially confirmed by Taco Bell.However, the company did tell Insider in a statement that it is in the process of “evolving” its menu to “simplify operations”.That information alone was enough to send Twitter users into despair.“Taco Bell getting rid of cheesy potato grillers is proof that 2020 just keeps getting worse,” one user wrote