Taco Bell's Discontinued Menu Items Are Now Being Sold Here

Taco Bell broke many hearts this year when favorites like the Mexican Pizza, Spicy Potato Soft Taco, Mini Skillet Bowl, and others were taken off the menu. Although some new eats took their place, fans (like this guy) still went to great lengths to keep the items they know and love. Now, two restaurant owners are going above and beyond to bring back menu items that haven't been seen at the fast-food chain for two years.

A bar called The Cavalier in Austin, Texas is hosting a pop-up dining event on Dec. 9 called Taco Fuego, which will serve up foods inspired by Taco Bell's discontinued items, like the Latin Pizza, a multi-layer burrito, cheesy fuego potatoes, double-layer tacos, and even cinnamon twists, according to Eater Austin. (Related: McDonald's Is Making These 8 Major Upgrades.)

"So many friends were bummed to see their favorite late-night guilty pleasure snacks going away," The Cavalier's co-owner, Rachelle Fox, told Eater. "We thought we could brighten their dreary 2020 with this silly delicious treat."

Thanks to pre-orders, which started on Monday, the owners have announced on Instagram that every item available at Taco Fuego is already sold out!


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Fortunately, there will be another Taco Fuego event taking place at another bar in Austin, although no date has been set yet. The owners hope to have similar pop-ups once a month.

The discontinued Taco Bell menu items will never be forgotten, and thankfully, the beloved fast-food spot isn't one of the unlucky restaurant chains that have been forced to shut down locations this year. For more on this, here are The Saddest Restaurant Closures In Your State.