Taco Bell Is Working On A Restaurant Concept That Will Be Super Efficient And Allow Online Ordering

From Delish

During the COVID-19 pandemic, drive-thrus have become more crucial than ever and some chains are finding new ways to make their processes more efficient, whether it be by pairing down menus or offering curbside pick-up. Taco Bell is one of those places finding new ways to provide for their fans during this challenging time, and the company now has a new restaurant concept in the works that reimagines how we do drive-thrus.

The new set-up is called "Go Mobile" and it includes a number of features that will make ordering from Taco Bell faster and safer. It will include two drive-thru lanes and smart kitchen technology, but the space itself will be much smaller than a traditional Taco Bell restaurant. In fact, it will be about half the size of a Taco Bell that has a dining room because the point is for these Go Mobile spots to be drive-thru only.

Photo credit: Taco Bell
Photo credit: Taco Bell

Go Mobile is also meant to optimize Taco Bell's ordering ahead system. Of the two drive-thru lanes, one will act as a priority pick-up lane for people who ordered online ahead of time. Additionally, there will be an option for curbside pick-up, and bellhop employees with tablets that will expedite the ordering process for those placing their orders right there on site.

The first Go Mobile Taco Bell location won't be open for a few months at this point, but Taco Bell is starting to roll out some of these new convenient features at existing restaurants as of right now. Taco Bell President and Global COO Mike Grams said in a press release that these changes are all being made with the customer in mind.

"With demand for our drive-thru at an all-time high, we know adapting to meet our consumers rapidly changing needs has never been more important," he explained.

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