Taco Bell Customers Aren’t Happy About Price Increases On Popular Items

Exterior of Taco Bell restaurant
Exterior of Taco Bell restaurant

It seems inflation has hit Taco Bell…and fans are not happy about “living más” for, well, más.

In a recent post on the subreddit r/TacoBell, a fast food fan noted that their order of 3 chicken tacos at Taco Bell came to a total of $8.34—while a similar order of 3 chicken tacos at Chipotle came out to $8.20, making Taco Bell the more expensive option.

Inflation, Shrinkflation, And Menu Changes

Fans are noticing that many of Taco Bell's most popular menu items have increased in price the last few years, relating the increase to the start of COVID and also remarking on the apparent "shrinkflation" of some items, including the Crunchwrap. "All this while continuing to increase prices. I rarely eat at TB anymore now," said one former devotee on the Reddit post.

Another user, tagged as a "Verified Employee", argued that "Taco Bell has not changed portioning or done 'shrinkflation' on the Crunchwrap in about 15 years. It hasn’t changed portioning on most things for a while." It was small comfort to those who felt prices at the restaurant chain had become out of control: "I remember getting 4 tacos for like $3 as a teen," lamented one responder. "Yeah at this point, you have to be ordering strategically if you still want to eat Taco Bell," said another.

Still other fans wished the chain would bring back their favorite discontinued items: "I miss the taco salads. They were my go to. And the apple empanadas. Those were great," shared a Redditor.

Taco Bell Prices Are Up Over 15% Since 2021

MarketScale reports that supply chain uncertainty and wage battles have lead to an increase in fast food prices across the board, including at popular chains like Wendy's, McDonalds, and Burger King, as well as, of course, Taco Bell itself.

For example, in December 2022, "the average price for a menu item at Taco Bell sits at $3.37, up 14.6% from last year." At this point in 2023, prices are up over 15% on average, making it third on the list under Wendy's and Chick-Fil-A.

One option to try and combat rising prices is to join the rewards programs available at your favorite restuarants—for example, Taco Bell Rewards offers reward points for every item ordered, which can be exchanged for free items. Every $1=10 points, and every 250 points snags you a reward unlock. Eventually, you can make your way up to the Fire tier, which offers 11 rewards points for every $1 spent.