Taco Bell customer surprises drive-thru employee with ‘sweet’ gift

A Taco Bell customer made an employee’s day when she surprised the drive-thru worker with a small but sweet gift.

TikTok user sadcancer posted a video to TikTok explaining how she struck up a friendship with a kind Taco Bell employee and eventually surprised her with a present.

“So I went to Taco Bell and the lady there complimented my nails and I was telling her how they’re press-ons and she was like, ‘Oh I want some! Where did you get them?’ and I told her ‘[at] the Walmart down the street’ and she gave me a free Baja Blast,” sadcancer explained. “That was so sweet so right now I’m about to surprise her with some press-on nails.”

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After explaining the lead-up to the situation, sadcancer drove back to the Taco Bell and asked if the employee (her new friend) was still working. She was!

Sadcancer didn’t have to order anything, so she drove right over to the pick-up window and surprised the employee with the press-on nails.

“Hi girlie!” she said. “I wanted to make your day a little better.”

“Thank you!” the employee screamed in excitement in response. “Thank you so much!”

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Sadcancer made sure to never record the employee’s face while she filmed the video so as to protect her privacy. As she noted in her caption, she shared the special moment only to show her followers how even the smallest acts of kindness can go a long way.

“I’m gonna cry. If you’re seeing this go do something nice for someone,” she wrote. “Even if it’s small.”

TikTok users were equally moved by the Taco Bell employee’s pure bliss.

“This made me so emotional,” one person said. “You’re a really good person.”

“How sweet,” another user added. “I know you just made her whole day!”

“As a person who’s worked at a drive-thru and STILL works at customer service,” I thank you for being so kind,” a third person commented. “You just made her whole week!”

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