Taco Bell Brings Back Nacho Fries And Finally Gives Us A Vegan Option

Large Nacho Fries
Large Nacho Fries - Taco Bell

Taco Bell has announced a long-awaited return of one of its most popular limited-time menu items, Nacho Fries, once again. The item, which has been absent since supplies ran thin from the last limited release in April, will be available at all Taco Bell locations starting September 28. Though the fan-favorite fries are a welcome surprise, Taco Bell has seen fit to include a few bonus measures as well, ensuring there's never been a better time to enjoy the "Taco Tuesday" trademark-liberator. One of those bonuses is a fully vegan Nacho Sauce to pair with the fries.

In addition to the return of Nacho Fries, Taco Bell will now be offering the item in a large size. Previous iterations of the item were only available to the public in one uniform size, which many felt to be too small, causing a number of consumers to order multiples of the oil-fried side.

The Nacho Fries have been an on-again off-again menu item at the Baja Blast vendor in nearly a dozen instances of limited availability dating back to 2018, with many fast-food fanatics hoping for an announcement that the fries would be a mainstay. While there's been no word on that front, the taco chain has announced the rollout of a vegan-friendly Nacho Sauce, making the vegan Nacho Fries the first vegan item to grace the chain's nationwide menu.

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When And Where Can Fans Get Nacho Fries With Vegan Nacho Sauce?

Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho sauce
Nacho Fries with Vegan Nacho sauce - Taco Bell

Nacho Fries are already in stock at Taco Bell locations nationwide, with the Vegan Nacho Sauce soon to follow. The Vegan Nacho Sauce is expected to debut on October 12, selling alongside the fries at $2.19 per order, with the larger size clocking in at $2.99. The price for Nacho Fries with the new Vegan Nacho Sauce is the same as the original cheese sauce, which is still available for those who prefer the dairy-based dip.

According to a September 28 press release, the vegan cheese sauce has been certified by the American Vegetarian Association to have no traces of cheese or other animal-made products, making the item the first of its kind for Taco Bell.

The chain has expressed interest in venturing into the vegan market in the past, even experimenting with a Vegan Crunchwrap back in June, though that item was only available in select markets across Los Angeles, Orlando, and New York City. While there's no word on Taco Bell's future with vegan options, it's clear the chain is making an effort to appeal to its ever-growing base of vegan consumers.

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