‘Tacky’: Wife upset she has to help pay for own engagement ring

‘Tacky’: Wife upset she has to help pay for own engagement ring

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(WJW) — A woman recently took to the internet to express her confusion over having to help pay for her own engagement ring … without being asked.

“I was just taken aback and honestly put off by the fact that he is making me pay for a GIFT he gave to me,” she said in a Reddit post on the infamous “Am I the A——?” thread.

The 28-year-old woman said when her husband bought the $8,000 two-carat diamond ring and proposed, he did so with a payment plan. Then once they got married, and merged their finances, she soon realized the man was taking money from their joint account every month to make the payments.

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“We have been having some arguments lately, and he feels that ring is a wedding expense and it’s only fair that I contribute towards it too, and that as a woman of this day I shouldn’t hesitate to be an equal partner,” she wrote in the post.

The wife described her wedding as having no frills, as the couple planned to save up for a house instead. She called her husband’s move “tacky” and explained he now wants her to apologize.

“If I knew my husband was going to be making me pay for the ring, I wouldn’t have agreed to ‘buy’ it,” she continued to write. “Mutual consent is essential when a couple is deciding to invest in an asset. Owning a house or a car jointly requires two yeses, and I certainly wouldn’t have said yes to jointly owning a ring he was SUPPOSED to give to me as a gift.”

While many of the commenters took the wife’s side of things, some also said her 30-year-old husband wasn’t doing anything wrong.

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“What he did seems relatively… normal? Buying the kind of ring your partner wants and financing it if you’re saving up for a house seems pretty standard, definitely not a ‘plot to get back at you,'” one commenter wrote, noting the husband was in a “no-win situation.”

The wife said she is now asking her husband to return the ring.

The average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $30,000, according to a study by the Knot.

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