Tackle Weight & Menopause Frustrations Naturally

Nouri has created a new Menopause Health & Weight Health bundle to help women in their 40s and 50s tackle frustrating hormonal health issues like hot flashes, night sweats and hormonal weight gain in a natural and affordable way.

This bundle uses the power of precision probiotics to balance specific hormones that impact menopause symptoms and weight.

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The problem

The decrease in estrogen during a woman’s 40s and 50s causes symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, changes in mood, vaginal dryness, changes to body composition, and weight gain. Most mainstream menopause supplements try to mimic estrogen in the body, but do not actually promote natural estrogen production.

Weight gain can also be compounded by changes to the gut microbiome that happen during menopause. Certain bacteria in your gut can slow metabolism, change hunger cues and cravings, and change how your body stores and uses energy.


Nouri developed a bundle to tackle both menopause symptoms and weight changes naturally with precision probiotics. Unlike botanical based supplements, Nouri’s unique probiotic formulas help balance hormones and influence the gut-brain axis to generate real results. What sets Nouri apart is using clinically validated probiotic strains to unlock the power of our gut, and ensure our body is working with you, not against you.

The gut microbiome is a key regulator of circulating estrogen. Menopause Health helps promote estrogen metabolism and keep circulating estrogen in the body where it can be used. This helps balance hormones and relieve some of the top menopausal symptoms.

The gut microbiome also plays a role in how your body perceives hunger cues (feeling hungry or full), food cravings, energy expenditure, metabolism, fat storage, gut motility and more! The bacteria that are in your gut transmit signals to the brain, and if you have the wrong bacteria, they could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

For example, there are bacteria that produce hormones that make you feel hungry, even if you are full! The probiotics in Nouri Weight Health promote a healthy metabolism, advanced digestion and use the microbiome to influence weight health via the gut-brain connection.

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The Price

The Nouri Menopause Health & Weight Health Bundle is just $35.68 for a one month supply. That price includes a 15% savings just for bundling the two products together. Shipping is included in the price. The bundle is also available on subscription for even more savings!

Nouri capsules are engineered to survive. Some probiotics can be killed in transit. Nouri’s capsule in capsule system surrounds the probiotics in plant-based omegas.

This system is clinically shown to survive harsh stomach acid and deliver twice the live probiotics to the gut vs. the standard probiotic capsule.

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Is the bundle vegan-friendly?

It is vegan, free from major allergens, does not require refrigeration, and has a refreshing citrus scent that will make you look forward to taking it.

Who should take Nouri probiotics?

Nouri is dedicated to creating probiotics for everybody. This means formulas that address everyday top and growing health needs like weight and digestive upset. It also means taking every budget into consideration. High quality probiotics should not automatically come with a high price point.

Where are the supplements made?

Nouri offers high quality probiotics that are Made in America at prices that all Americans can afford. Nouri is a fast growing, women-owned business.

Does Nouri expire?

Nouri probiotic capsules and Nouri StayWell Synbiotic drink mixes have a 24-month shelf life. Each product has a Lot Number and Expiration Date (EXP) printed on the bottom of the bottle/carton.

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