Tabasco and Banza Team Up for a Frozen Pizza That Gets Spicier as You Eat It

Have a glass of milk ready for this one.

<p>Courtesy of Banza</p>

Courtesy of Banza

We live in a world that’s home to a truffle-infused hot sauce (that Oprah deems a “go-to”), an eBay black market for Taco Bell hot sauce packets, and hot sauce advent calendars. And, as of today, another zesty find has entered the market, thanks to two familiar supermarket players. Dropping exclusively online at on October 24, Banza x Tabasco Hotter by the Bite pizzas will be available to order in two-packs for $32.99.

“Given the enthusiasm people have for spice, it’s unsurprising that more than 50 million people in the U.S. add it to their pizza,” Nicole Landesman, vice president of marketing at Banza, said in an exclusive interview with Food & Wine. “Instead of just adding hot sauce on top, we wanted to create an experience that tests peoples’ ability to beat the heat.”

Banza tapped its product team to create a pizza pepped up with two types of Tabasco hot sauce: red pepper sauce and scorpion sauce. Hotter by the Bite is a very apt name; the milder red pepper sauce is near the center, while the scorpion blend (Tabasco’s hottest) approaches the edge. That means your taste buds will feel the burn on the way up the Scoville scale as you inch ever closer to the end of the crust.

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Speaking of that crust, it’s Banza’s signature high-protein, gluten-free dough that centers around chickpea flour. As far as the toppings go, the recipe developers decided to keep things simple with a four-cheese blend to really allow the sauce to take the spotlight.

“It’s a classic cheese pizza with a spicy spin. We sampled the pizzas with more than 30 people over the past few months, and people thought it was spicy, to say the least. Even the Tabasco team was shocked,” Landesman said when asked about initial taste test feedback. “The heat level builds with each bite, so we found people’s reaction to their first bite was much different than their second or third, which is exactly what we were going for.”

This limited-time recipe was made for spice lovers, Landesman added, particularly those who are up for a challenge. If you’re game to carry that torch and give it a try, hop over to Banza’s website ASAP to get your pies ready to fly. Once they’re sold out, they’re gone. Just like our glass of milk certainly will be after a single slice.

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