A T-Shirt for Anyone Who Really (Really) Loves Karl Lagerfeld

Met Gala outfit inspo, anyone?

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women's Karl Lagerfeld Sketch T-Shirt, <s>$70</s> $49, <a href="https://rstyle.me/+R1cLLmN80H7Ml29PKajZIw" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" data-ylk="slk:available here;elm:context_link;itc:0" class="link ">available here</a> (sizes XS - XL)
Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women's Karl Lagerfeld Sketch T-Shirt, $70 $49, available here (sizes XS - XL)

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Fashion sketches might seem like an obvious way to remember a designer, but they have a special meaning when it comes to Karl Lagerfeld. The late German designer was known for dramatically tearing up his sketches and throwing them away when no longer satisfactory. (He once joked, "You know what? I'm a fan of trash cans!") It's a nice touch, then, for a sketch of Lagerfeld to be front and center on a limited-edition T-shirt from his brand.

You'll be hearing his name a lot this year in particular. Though he passed away in 2019, this year's Met Gala is a tribute to his work across tenures at Chanel, FendiChloé and more. Vogue's May cover remembers him, and fashion shops are releasing tribute collections. Naturally, his own brand, Karl Lagerfeld Paris, dropped a limited-edition collection, too. Sure, there are plenty of tweed options and chic summer shoes that are reminiscent of the designer's most enduring staples, but the underdog of the collection is the T-shirt.

I have previously confessed my love for T-shirts: They are, above all, a no-frills canvas for making a statement. This one shows a fashion sketch of the late designer alongside his name, all bordered by a bold red. Yes, it's the most basic piece of the entire collection, but that's exactly why it stands out.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Women's Karl Lagerfeld Sketch T-Shirt, $70 $49, available here (sizes XS - XL)

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