T&C Tried & True: Courteney Cox's Luxury Home Cleaning Line Will Make You Actually Enjoy Doing Chores

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Luxe Cleaning Supplies That Make Doing Chores Fun

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You know you're getting old when shopping for cleaning products excites you more than buying a new handbag. Such has been the case for me as of late. I recently moved into what I like to call my first "big girl" apartment—dishwasher! washer and dryer! in-unit AC!—and have been several Google pages in and down the TikTok rabbit hole researching the best kitchen cleaners over the last couple months. I cook a lot, and as you can imagine, my kitchen countertop and sink looks like it's been hit with a tornado once I get through with the prep work. I also try to steer clear of traditional chemical formulas and opt for gentler ingredients instead. It's been a lot of trial and error and I've made a few purchases that were good, but nothing holds a candle to Courteney Cox's Homecourt.

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Yes, the Courteney Cox. I'll admit, I was definitely a bit skeptical when I heard she was launching a luxury cleaning supplies line last year, but her products have completely blown me away. Let's start with the packaging: I mean, just look at it. The sleek black bottles are anything but an eye sore in my kitchen and make my sink area looks like its straight out of a catalogue. They're the epitome of quiet luxury.

I have the Kitchen Trio, which includes a dish soap, surface cleaner, and hand soap—and each one has impressed me for different reasons I'll start with the surface cleaner, my favorite. First and foremost, the product is completely vegan and formulated with coconut-derived surfactants that help dissolve grease, grime, and oil. Let me tell you, I've never enjoyed cleaning my black stovetop more than I have in the last two months. It picks up everything in all the nooks and crannies and leaves the area sparkling. According to the packaging, you can also use it on finished wood, tile, sealed stone, and granite. Seriously, any chance I have the opportunity to clean tabletops at home, I get so excited to grab the bottle from countertop.

Then there's the dish soap, which also contains coconut-derived surfactants. While most of my dirty dishes go straight into the dishwasher, there are some things I do need to hand wash. The formula has a rich texture that produces long-lasting suds and washes away grease and stains with ease. And if you need to scrub a burn mark from a pot, just pump a couple of drops into it and let it sit in water for a few hours. Trust me. No more using your arm strength to intensely scrub. I should also point out a little does go a long way, so a bottle will last you a long time.

The hand soap is also fantastic. The lather? Beyond. Key ingredients include argan oil to moisturize, Australian hibiscus flower extract to protect, and also coconut-derived surfactants to clean without irritating skin. Unsurprisingly, in the last couple of years, I've been washing my hands more than I ever did and a lot of formulas leave my hands feeling like sand paper, but this hand wash is anything but drying.

The entire Homecourt line is available in a range of fragrances, each equally as delightful as the next: Steeped Rose, Neroli Leaf, Cipres Mint, and Cece, which has notes of cedarwood, cardamom, and white leather. As someone who is anti-fragrance, I love how the Steeped Rose and Neroli Leaf scents make my home smell fresh and clean.

Homecourt also sells the kitchen cleaners individually, as well as room sprays, candles, hand cream, and a range of different bundles. (Hint hint: the perfect holiday gift for the hostess or cook!) Needless to say, the Kitchen Trio has become a kitchen mainstay. And dare I say it... doing chores is actually fun.

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