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These brilliant $7 cable clips can solve cord catastrophes all around the house

Sometimes, the simplest things can make life so much easier. Take, for instance, the Sleek Socket — an electric outlet cover (and Yahoo reader fave) that hides those ugly power cords — and the Sealegend Dryer Vent Cleaner that removes years of lint. Amazon shoppers have a way of uncovering these genius problem solvers. The latest gadget discovery that drew our attention? Syncwire Clear Cable Clips — they sort out that rats' nest of cables and cords so that you always find the wire you're looking for (without accidentally yanking another one out!)

These clips hold cords and cables in place and out of the way — and they attach to just about any surface using 3M adhesive pads.

$8 at Amazon

Cords driving you crazy? These little plastic clips attach to any surface to manage the cables from your cell phone, computer, tablet, fan, you name it. They're so simple and so practical, you'll want them for every room in your house.

This pack comes with five clips in different sizes for different uses. Whether you have a web of cables behind the TV or your phone cord gets tied up with your headphones on the nightstand, these clips can straighten them out. They'll fit everything from a narrow USB-C cable to a thicker HDMI cable.

cord clips holding computer cables
Clip and save your sanity. (Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

More than 12,000 Amazon shoppers have already experienced the bliss of a tangle-free home.

"After cords falling on the floor and stepping on the ends for months I came across these and they’ve been perfect!” wrote a rave reviewer. "I stuck them to the side of my nightstand and no more bent charging cables or sore feet! The cords slide through with minimal effort but hold in place when you’re not trying to move them."

“Tired of rooting around for your charger?” asked a satisfied customer. “These are for you! Stick on the back of a table, under a nightstand, on a wall and put your charging cable in it. Now you can find it easily and quickly EVERY SINGLE TIME! Highly recommend.”

cord clips holding earbuds
This little piece of plastic will change your life. (Photo: Amazon) (Photo: Amazon)

“I LOVE THESE!!!” an enthusiastic shopper wrote. “Where have these been all my electronic life? I have mine on the nightstand, as I have multiple wires for multiple objects. Due to my back injury, I am in bed a lot, but this really helps with phone wires, laptop wires, etc.”

“Untangle your life,” commanded one customer. “These little cord holders are great. Small enough to be unobtrusive, but robust enough to handle all your charging cables, including HDMI cables.”

Stop scrounging behind your desk for that cable that fell off — these clips will keep everything neat and easily accessible. 

$8 at Amazon

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