Sylvester Stallone's Daughters Claim He Makes It 'Nearly Impossible' for Them to Date

Having Sylvester Stallone as your dad has its downsides.

In a Fox News Digital interview with Stallone and his family, his daughters Sophia, Sistine, and Scarlet revealed that it's "nearly impossible" to bring a date home to meet their dad.

"We prep the guy before. We're like, 'He's not going to budge,'" said 24-year-old daughter Sistine.

Her sister Scarlet added, "I say [to guys], 'He might not say hello. Don't take offense. That's just how he works. He might grip your hand too hard.'"

Stallone said his daughters' assessment was wrong, replying, "That's a total myth," adding, "These guys are weird. I saved you."

The Stallones are starring in their own reality show, The Family Stallone, giving a glimpse at life at home with the Rocky star, his wife Jennifer Flavin, and his three daughters. The trailer teased that fans get to see Stallone like never before: as a family man.

The clip shows that besides their dad being tough on his daughter's prospective partners, there are also other challenges that come with dating while being his child. In a confessional, oldest daughter Sophia, who is 26, says, "Dating with the last name that I have is incredibly hard. Being a Stallone, it holds a lot of weight."

Meanwhile, in another part of the trailer, Sistine gives a speech to her sisters about sowing their wild oats in their youth. "We're in our early 20s, it doesn't get much better than this—brain-wise, body-wise, looks-wise…we're at our peak, ladies."

With the sisters on the lookout for dates, it remains to be seen if the patriarch will cause too much trouble in his kids' dating lives.  The series premieres on May 17 on Paramount+.

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