Sydney Zoo Shares Sweet Update on Their 3-Month-Old Baby Hyena

I never thought I'd say that a hyena was cute, but after seeing this video that Sydney Zoo shared of their baby hyena's first three months of life, I guess I've changed my mind! The zoo shared the video on Monday, February 19th, and it will totally make you smile.

The video starts with the baby with its mama, loving up on her before bouncing away. Next we see the hyena sitting, before toppling over adorably. We see baby venture outside for the first time, and the first time he gets to hang out with its dad. Mom and dad seem to both love and take such good care of the baby!

By far, my favorite was when the baby toppled over. I love how clumsy baby animals are, and I could watch these kinds of videos all day! @Sydney Zoo fans had lots to say about the video, mostly about how adorable the baby is. One comment made me laugh, "Yep I’d let that cute face maul me! I don't care I wanna love it!!"

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Facts About Hyenas

Commenter @Ralph said, "All I'm saying is, if this cute little puppy wanna eat my foot off it can go right ahead I'll be crying but mostly from its cuteness"! Another commenter replied that a hyena is a cat, which made me wonder what it is. Turns out, hyenas aren't related to either, although does say that they are "more closely related to the feline branch than the canine branch." I think they seem more like dogs, and according to many of the comments left after the video, I'm not the only one.

Hyenas are the most common carnivore in Africa, and they'll eat just about anything, including dead animals. Apparently, they are not picky at all. Because they eat the same things that lions do, they have no problem going head-to-head with them over food. I guess that makes them brave or crazy!

Stripped hyenas can double in size when they are afraid or feel threatened. They don't actually grow, instead, they raise the hair along their backs which makes them look much bigger than they actually are.

I wondered why the zoo didn't say if the baby was male or female, and it may be because they don't know yet. Some female hyenas have genitalia that look and function almost exactly the same way as the male hyenas.

When you think about hyenas, do you immediately think of their "laugh"? I know I do, so I was surprised to find out that not all hyenas laugh - only spotted hyenas do. All of them make other sounds, including a whooping noise they use to call their babies.

Hopefully the zoo will continue to share more updates and let us know the baby's name. Who knew hyenas were so interesting?

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