Sydney Sweeney Threw Herself an '80s Prom-Themed Birthday Party

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Sydney Sweeney Threw an '80s Prom PartyJohn Phillips - Getty Images

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  • Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney threw herself an 80s prom-themed birthday party.

  • The event included mirror balls and a retro photo booth.

  • The star reposted Instagram Stories from friends who attended the event.

Ah, the 1980s. It was quite a time. Van Halen was on the radio. Alf was on the TV. Senior officials in the Ronald Reagan administration were circumventing an arms embargo to sell weapons to Iran and funnel the proceeds to fund the right-wing Contras in Nicaragua. With fun, carefree vibes like that, it's no wonder a whole generation who missed the decade of neon and Nintendo the first time around are taking every opportunity to go retro with it now.

So, while actress Sydney Sweeney may spend her workdays in a modern-day high school on the set of Euphoria, for her birthday this year, the vibes were distinctly more Stranger Things in terms of the time period.

The people at People noticed Sydney Sweeney's reposting of friends' Instagram stories, showcasing her "‘80s prom-themed celebration" from over the weekend. And we have to trust them on it since Sweeney opted not to leave pics of her parties permanently accessible. Probably because of when things got... real weird on the internet that one time:

As for this prom party, People reports that photos depicted "a lit-up dance floor, balloon displays and a white banner with pink text that read 'Syd’s Prom' against sparkly metallic fringe." Attendees could also snap pics in "a photo booth courtesy of Revolve and Polaroid."

The actress matched her look to her theme, sporting "voluminous" blonde curls, platform heels, and a pink minidress with puffy sleeves. Celeb attendees like Camila Mendes and Ariana Greenblatt shared footage blowing out her candles as her friends all sang "Happy Birthday" in what People describes as an "operatic rendition."

We're happy for Sweeney, as it seems likely a lovely birthday party full of supportive friends. But we do think she dropped the ball by choosing the theme of "1980s prom night" instead of theming it to the 1980 movie Prom Night, a disco-rich schlock slasher that features both Jamie Lee Curtis and a dramatic turn from Leslie Nielsen the same year he did Airplane!

Just our two cents, Sydney.

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