Sydney Sweeney Flaunts Her Fit Figure In A Pink Pantsuit For New Samsung Ad With Her Dog

sydney sweeney LACMA film gala
sydney sweeney LACMA film gala
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Sydney Sweeney continues to flaunt her insane figure after blowing fans away during fashion week. This time, the Euphoria icon wore a Barbie-pink pantsuit that hugged her in all the right spots. In the Instagram clip uploaded on Wednesday, the actress showed off her Samsung flip phone and captioned the post: “i wanted to make tank the movie star,” featuring her cute puppy, Tank, playing with a tennis ball. Although fans weren’t convinced on buying the flip phone, many users appreciated her outfit of choice for the campaign.

Interestingly enough, Sydney has been on a Barbiecore marathon when it comes to her promotional activities on social media. Dressed in a pink 80s-themed mini dress for her birthday party, The White Lotus star was called out for a ‘silly’ photoshop mistake while promoting Bai’s beverage product.

Sydney Sweeney Wows In A Petal Pink Pantsuit

For the ad promoting Samsung Galaxy’s Z Flip 5, the 26-year-old stunned in a stylish pastel pink pantsuit, complete with a collar neckline, short sleeves, and flared trousers.

Complementing her look with delicate rings and her trusty Galaxy watch, she elegantly styled her blonde hair parted down the middle with loose curls. Staying on theme, the Vault alum harmonized her makeup with her outfit, sporting a lovely nude pink lip and shimmery eyeshadow.

Fans loved her look, but they couldn’t get past the commercial due to their doubts on how the actress probably doesn’t use a Samsung phone.

One user commented, “I love you girl but u definitely use an iphone, we ain’t switching to Samsung.” “Damn, she’s our Barbie,” wrote another fan.

“I love everything about this, it’s giving early 2000s vibes,” one comment said. One fan came to her defense and said, “I’m pretty sure she uses iPhone as her personal phone but since she’s sponsored by Samsung she uses a Samsung as her business phone.”

Sydney Sweeney Called Out For Photoshopped Ad

The Emmy Award nominee is clearly a fan of pink. On September 30th, while uploading photos from her 26th birthday celebration, fans spotted a photoshop fail in one of her promotional posts.

The blonde beauty donned a striking, hot pink mini dress, highlighted by a deep plunging neckline, dramatic puffed sleeves adorned with voluminous rosette accents, and a billowy lower half that elegantly flared out. She matched the ensemble with pink transparent heels and rocked an 80s perm and glam.

In the post, Sydney posed with her one leg back and leaned towards an open fridge, grabbing the Bai drink. However, fans wrote numerous comments about how the photoshop in the image was poorly done.

“I love u but girl the photoshop,” wrote one fan along with a laughing emoji. Another user said, “You really need someone new who’s actually able to photoshop pics correctly.”

One user said, “do ppl in this comment section not know it’s purposely supposed to be photoshopped,” to which Sydney replied, “someone who understands humor,” along with a clapping hand emoji.